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Learn to Play Piano?

Finding the best beginner piano course for home study that really works can be a little daunting if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for in a course.

You have to rely on others that have gone before you and hope the reviews are helpful enough to make an appropriate decision.

On top of that you don’t know if the particular course is right for you. Today I hope to help you with information that will help you make that decision when it comes to getting the best beginner piano course.

Imagine if you could start to learn piano and within just a few days be playing as if you had taken a year’s worth of traditional lessons; even if you are an older beginner piano student.

Why the Cercone Music Mastery is the Best Beginner Piano Course

I want to introduce you to a new piano course specifically designed for home study by beginners or for that matter those that started and didn’t really get very far.

Here’s why you will be interested:

You have an opportunity to jump start your music enjoyment and get well on your way to music mastery in a very short period of time.

I have personally participated in this course about 2 decades ago and have watched its development into the best beginner piano course  every produced.

Those many years ago I decided to start from scratch looking for an older beginner piano course to learn to play and perform on the piano. At the time I had a five year goal that would take me to a level where I could play some basic pop or rock and roll music mostly around the era of 70’s music.

Little did I know at the time where it was going to lead me and that I am still be ever grateful for the education that I got in the first weekend I started in this method.

This piano and music method is based on years of research into learning systems and time tested implementation in studio.

Old Or Young This Course Will Work For You

This course is so well structured that it can be applied to those as young as 8 years and as old as dirt. This method is being used by those that have retired from the work force and decided to final pursue music with great success.

On a personal note when I restarted I was in my mid 30’s, and I know of 70 year olds that are applying these methods and techniques with great enthusiasm.

As a matter of fact it is excellent choice for older music students. As the best beginner piano course it has overcome some of the issues and preconceived notions that older piano students face with thinking that it’s different for aged folks than for young folks.

The limitations are in the mindsets of the older piano students which are missing from the younger generation. When they actually dig in they learn that the approach works extremely well for both young and old.

Objectives of the Beginners Music Mastery Piano Course

The Music Mastery course is an extension of the original beginners weekend workshop that in my opinion covers far more than you would learn in a year taking regular studio lessons.

It was developed by Donna Cercone as a method to quickly get new piano students to learn the fundamentals about music theory as quickly as possible without drawing it out over a long period of time.

In other words you learn to read notes as a holistic approach rather than one or two symbols at a time. This means that you understand the symbolic representations for time and pitch quickly. You don’t need to draw out learning the master staff over months like most methods do.

You learn systems rather than individual reading elements. This makes it easy to analyze and understand the music rather than try to read it note by note and is truly why I refer to it as the best beginners piano course on the market today.

When you understand these system concepts and apply them directly to songs as you use your keyboard, your speed of learning is incredibly accelerated.

How Does The Beginners Music Mastery Course Work?

This is a home study course with DVD’s of Donna teaching you exactly the same material taught to her in-studio students. It has a full workbook and additional bonuses to help you accomplish the major aspects of learning to play piano in a weekend.

When this class was first taught it got started on a Friday afternoon and ended on a Sunday morning and had about 15 hours of instruction time. It now has been broken down into 30 chapters and is going to take a few days to complete.

What is unique is the use of color to help the student learn. The Cercone Star was devised as a method to engage the genesis mind and uses color as one of it's several learning elements. I can flat testify that did more to engage me in learning music fast then any other thing I have experienced. To this day I use this in my study and improvisation of creative music.

You’ll have the opportunity to be playing songs by the end of the weekend, and upon completing the initial course be playing 5 significant songs. You may also take your time and work daily and weekly to be well on your way to music mastery in the next few weeks.

Costs and How to Get the Best Beginner Piano Course

The Cercone Music Mastery course is being offered for $99. It is worth every dollar you pay for it at this price and to be rather frank you’d pay well over $1500, likely much more, to learn this material in traditional studio sessions.

Get your course now for $99, it is a huge bargain for anyone that is determined to learn piano and do it fast.

I give it my personal backing as an educator and participant of the method. On that note, our online Music Theory Workshop lessons and courses are a direct result of the many of the Cercone Learning Systems Music Mastery methods.  

You will not be disappointed by this best of the best beginner piano course.

You can obtain or learn more about the methods and more in depth details of the music mastery course here:

Go To Music Mastery

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