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Defining New Music Levels 10

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Defining new music levels became important in developing the a music study process for the new teaching methods implemented by Donna Cercone.  This meant moving away from the traditional levels and making accomplishment of music skills related to a descriptive level rather than a numbered level. Although the levels have still evolved as  numbered levels the relationship to accomplishment is different. Listen as she describes the making music levels more meaningful.

With the new release of her beginner home study Music Course, I've written an article on why I think this is the Best Beginners Piano Lessons you can get on the market today. It covers one year of piano and several years of music theory lessons in 30 complete lessons where you'll be playing 5 songs within days of receiving your course.

Already got a good start? Be sure to check out our targeted music lessons, the Materials of Music or the best approach to Improvising to see if they can help you move forward in your music study and up your number in the music levels.

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