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Experiment in Improvisation Eb

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Experiment in Improvisation Eb, this video demonstrates the knowledge of using music theory. I choose a key signature of Eb, where I decided to stay with the Eb scale notes and started out on minor chords of the harmonic system to improvise. This is completely off the cuff and I found a series of chord progressions I liked and developed it from there. This intent was to simple show you how setting up a framework allows you to create on the fly by not being hung up by what to do next. However, you with knowledge you can work a system of chords and use a the notes of a specific scale as your base.

video currently unavailable.

Experimenting from there with other scales or chromatic tones will provide you with a lot of creativity to explore your own ideas and styles.

This is one method of improvising, you can also apply the ideas expressed in the Improvise for Real course to further expand your creative juices and abilities.

Check the music theory course for developing your knowledge of music and the improvising jam track and book to expand your other creative side.

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