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You’ve been looking for an easy way to learn music theory free. As you’ve searched around you find pieces and bits that help you learn a little here and a little there.

Here’s the rub you probably haven’t found a free online music theory course that’s making it easy to follow a sequential set of steps to master and become proficient at learning the music doctrine.

Get Online Music Theory Free Principles

Free Music Theory?

Finding Music Theory

Over at the Music Learning Workshop you can find many of the music theory principles laid out in easy to understand format and you can work through the site page by page and gain a tremendous amount of basics.

It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a free music theory course; however, unless you apply the underlying principles of music to the full spectrum of application, you’ll still struggle to master the music elements.

It’s going to take more than an attempt to learn music theory online for free. You’ll need to put together your own program to work those music principles through all the variations of intervals, scales, chords, and key signatures.

With this limited effort of study, you lack “focus” and “know how” on just how to accomplish these tasks.

That’s why you need a systematic program to walk you through the music elements one at a time, building on each new skill acquired.

What Is It Going to Take to Learn Music Theory Free?

First you’re going to have to figure out notes. You’ll need to learn how to read the note symbols. Both in regard to the time values assigned to each note along with the time signature options. You’ll need to learn how pitch is defined by the position of the note on the master staff.

You’ll need to learn rhythm and how to get into the continuous time stream where you can manipulate the note patterns. You’ll need to practice the basic rhythms and then apply note time value knowledge to those patterns.

You’ll need to learn the formula of key signatures. Create a method to learn the relationship of the keys to each other so you can understand sharp and flat notes. You’ll need to understand the development of minor keys and how each major key has a minor key connection.

You’ll need to learn the major scale for each key signature as well. You’ll need to learn the three associated minor scales for each major scale. You’ll need to understand the variations of scales for creating different styles of music such as the blues or how other scale applications can be used in jazz styles.

You’ll need to learn how chords are created for the four types of triads, learn why the specific scale notes can allow you to create systems of chords within a key. Learn how chord inversions work. Learn how chord progressions work. Not to mention how seventh chords and extended chords are formed.

All in all it’s going to be hard to find a online music theory free course which will provide you all of this and be able to help you do it at an accelerated pace.

A Low Cost Alternative to Learning Music Theory Free

So rather than looking for a free online music theory course you may wish to consider what we’ve developed. It’s a cost effective course that’s available for immediate download or can be accomplished with a low monthly fee subscription which delivers two lessons per month.

For more details visit: Music Theory Instruction eBooks or our Products Page

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