Learning Music Theory Effectively

Monthly Music Theory Course

Many home study students are looking for a monthly music course for low cost.

We’ve developed a Monthly Music Course which is subscription based program to learn two significant lessons per month. It is a proven100% guaranteed way to learn music theory for the beginner through intermediate student so you can play, learn, compose, and improvise songs with knowledge. How it works…

How the Monthly Music Lessons Work

The monthly music theory lessons are designed to be completed in two weeks. Some are done quickly and others take more effort to complete in those two weeks.

Monthly Subscription Music Theory Course

Monthly Subscription Music Theory Course

It is delivered via an automated email system. You receive two emails per lesson, first week for the lesson and then the next week for the follow up.

The second email has encouragement and may also have additional materials related to the current lesson, which may be a link to videos, or other valuable information.

Music Course Lesson Plan

This subscription music course uses a modified lesson plan that is part of the full music course.

It takes you through a sequence of steps that builds on your knowledge of music to advance you from a novice to an intermediate level knowledge of music theory in under 1 year.

There are printable music theory worksheets to help you through the entire process.

Actually you will cover over 4 years of music knowledge in this course and will learn advanced music  elements  and applications that many students never cover until they take college classes.

What’s Covered In The Subscription Music Course?

The twice monthly music lessons are taken from four workshops covering notes, rhythm, keys, scales, chords, and systems.

Music Notes

With note lessons you’ll learn the notes on a keyboard to start, move right into mastering the master staff, and learning relationships with note intervals and understanding the distance between notes which is an absolute must for learning the other music elements.

Music Rhythm

Once you start the Rhythm lesson you will then be given new rhythm patterns to learn and practice with every new lesson provided with the monthly music theory course. By the time you are done you’ll have over 30 patterns that will improve your skills.

Music Keys & Scales

Key Signatures and Scales are so closely related you’ll work back and forth on these series of lessons and when you’re done you’ll know all the major and minor keys and you’ll have created your own scale sheets where you’ll visually be able to see all three related minor scales.

I’ve never seen this method used by any other teaching method and the success rate of mastering these music principles is incredible.

Also explored are several other scale types like blues, gospel, and the odd jazz scales. You’ll learn how to create them in any key. So you can improvise and create your own compositions.

Music Chords

When you get to chords you learn about four types of chords in all keys signatures so you can start playing music rather than just reading it. You’ll build chord harmonic systems setting the basis for all song composition and fast learning.

You’ll discover how chord progression techniques work so understand song flow and composition will truly speed up your learning and playing abilities.

How to Get Started with Monthly Music Lessons

When you subscribe to the monthly course you will be setup for a series of low payments, which is about 1/10 the cost of lessons you would have with regular teachers. Even if you are taking lessons by using this course you will accelerate your learning and save far more than the cost of the course.

Many like the weekly style of taking lessons with this type of method. It keeps them on track and is a reminder that they need to put in regular time to learn the materials. Get started today.

Monthly Music Course
Monthly subscription version of the full music course, two lessons are delivered monthly for 12 months.

Pay for 7 payments of $14 gets you 12 months of lessons.

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