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Music Gift Ideas Microphones for your Musician Friends

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Microphones as Music Gifts Ideas for Singers and Other Musicians

High quality microphones or your budding musician friends or child can make an unexpected unique music gift. There are really to approaches to microphones.

Microphone setups hard wired | Wireless Microphones

The first is the full wired setup what I would consider the stationary mic needs such as picking up an instrument or vocal of a keyboard player or drummer. The second is in the Wireless category for the singer and highly active musician.

The Connected Microphone Music Gift Ideas

Microphone Gifts

Microphone as Music Gifts

Does your partner need to project his voice or be able to entertain better. What about recording with a good microphone? A microphone setup could be just the addition they are looking for their performing needs.

As a music gift you are going to need to consider if they need just a microphone, stand, and cable that they can add to their current collection or are they going to need a major setup of microphone, windscreen, cable, stand, pre-amp/mixer and amplifier.

Lets start with mics and work from there.

Condenser Microphone

Condenser Microphone Gifts

There is a difference in vocal microphones (cardioid dynamic) and instrument recording (condenser microphone), but unless your a professional you are likely not to hear much difference. So I say go vocal first unless you are sure you're looking for just a recording mic.

When it comes to microphones you may want to consider. There are some relatively good microphones for general vocal use under $50 and at least $25, but sound quality is usually better for the over $50 mark. If you're serious about recording don't go to inexpensive, you will want a good condenser microphone.

I don't think for home use that any brand name mic is really that much better than any other. You'll see the usual suspects and they'll all hype you with feature capabilities. So in general stick to the popular and high user rating mics.

So decide on your price range then read some of the more detailed reviews to see if you're going to get the quality you need for your situation.

Shock Mount

Microphone Shock Mount


When making a music gift idea like a microphone there are a few considerations that you need to take into account.

  • Microphone stands.
    • Voice stands are fairly basic and provide a place to put the mic and don't require any isolation.
    • Condenser microphones require isolation as they can pickup vibrations so a stand with rubber band type supports or other isolation method is needed. Just not that these bands degrade and break easily so get some replacements with them.
    • Tripod base is good for stands that won't be flung around by vocalist other wise the round base is a better choice.
    • Besides the full upright there are also table top or short stands which can be used for special situations like on top of other equipment or furniture.
  • Cables: Many of the microphones come with cables. Be sure to check the end connections some are made to go directly to amplifiers, but some amps only accept the male input and they can come in different sizes.
    • The 1/4 inch is the standard and fits most equipment.
    • The XLR end is more professional grade, the better amps and mixers have these types of connections.
  • Connections: Here's what you have to be sure of when you go to get a microphone set up.
    • Microphone – Voice or Condenser
    • Cable – double check your end connections to the mic and the amp or mixer
    • Mixer or pre-amp – input connection type and output to the recorder or amp
    • Amp or speaker – input connection type
    • Stand – mounting to the stand check the end and the ability to attach your mic. Some mics come with a mic stand attachment, others do not. Condenser mics need a special head to mount them.

High Rated Vocal Mics to Fit your Music Gift Ideas:

Mics $25 to $50

 | Mics $50 to $100
| Mics $100 to $200
| Mics For Artists $200 to $400
| Multiple Mics and Pro Level $400 Plus
| Good for the kids: Mics Under $25

High Rated Condenser Mics for Recording: Condenser Mics $50 to $100

| Condenser $100 to $200
| Condenser Mics $200 to $500
| Condenser Mics $500 Plus

mic clip

Mic Clips

Stands and Mic Clips:

mic stand

Mic Stands

Start here but you may want to consider matching up the stand with the mic brand if possible, you'll be assured a better fit. Mic and Stand Packages

Also there are a number of clips that you may want to pick up.

Mic Stands

| Mic Clips
| Condenser Mic Mounts