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Music Lesson Gifts for Christmas

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With music instruments given for Christmas the supporting group needs to think about music lessons. This article covers what we consider some of the best options for getting your new musician off to the right start learning music for the long term satisfaction. We suggest giving these lessons as additional gifts or follow up gifts.

Music Lessons as Christmas Gifts

Music Class

Music Class

Finding a mentor and teacher can be a bit of a trail as you begin your search, it's often hard to understand that your intent here is often not expressed well when interviewing and finding a teacher. Every student should get some mentoring and instruction especially on the technique side of playing an instrument.

If you've been a reader of mine you know that I'm biased in that I believe that most music teachers do not spend nearly enough time on music structure, that is music theory and how music principles can really accelerate the learning ability of a student when they have that fundamental knowledge in place early in their studies.

If you're child or friend is getting a new instrument as a gift for Xmas you may want to consider getting them some great lesson materials to ensure their success as musicians.

Here are the best music related gifts for learning music as a self-study program.

Gifting Music Lessons: Here's how you might handle these gifts that are in electronic delivery, however some are in DVD format. For DVD sets and hardbound materials, get your order in early just like any other gift you'll need delivered. For the electronic delivery you have a couple of options.

If you get the full eBooks or course materials electronically you can copy them down, put them on a portable thumb drive or USB style drive and wrap them up by printing out a cover page.

For a subscription you will likely want to wait until the day before gifting and begin the subscription by entering the recipients email. Make sure you tell them quickly as you don't want them thinking its spam or something like that. Get a card and let them know what you've done.

Best Music Lessons Gifts For Piano:

Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course and Lessons (Prices Vary)

Music Theory Courses and Lessons
The GIDC Music Lessons and Course were developed from accelerated learning concepts and methods.  The course is a one year program designed as a two lesson a month approach to take you from zero music knowledge to knowing the full fundamental music theory principles that allow you to read and understand music structure.

Notes, Master staff, Intervals, Rhythm, Scales, Key Signatures, Chords and Harmonic Systems are all covered. This one year program covers what takes 4 to 8 years of traditional studio lessons to cover.  Imagine if you could analyze, learn, and begin to play a song 10 times faster than a traditional student.

The full course is under $100 and individual lessons can be targeted for $10 plus or minus to help out that struggling musician. There is also a one year monthly subscription option for those that need to manage cash flow.  Get more details here:

Fundamentals Music course | GIDC Individual Lessons | Monthly Music Option.

Materials of Music

A text book style lessons and exercise plan by Bob Reno. It's one of the best types of music study to provide a quick and sound base of music for any musician wishing to learn more. Bob developed and uses this in his college level music classes.

We most often recommend this book as the next series of instruction after taking the GIDC course. Although it's first ten chapters will be a refresher on the music Fundamentals, the next 2/3rds of the book is all about the more advanced concepts in composition and style.  This book is well worth the study time to advance your music knowledge and skill. Learn more or get it here


Great Music Gifts For Guitar:

Guitar Lessons

One of the things for guitar players is that there are a lot of show you how types of lessons. This can be both rewarding and frustrating.

I was talking with a friend of mine that has been learning and playing guitar for a while and was taking one of these styles of online video courses. He's major hang up was that he didn't learn music theory and found it very frustrating that he was unable to read and understand music. It was taking far longer to learn songs than he thought. After our discussion he is now taking the GIDC Music Course as indicated above.


Music Lesson Gifts For Bass Guitar Players

Bass Guitar Lessons

Looking for music related gift for bass guitar players?  We've found two excellent gifts for the budding and new bass guitar player.

The first is Teach Me Bass Guitar by Ray Vogt.  This is an excellent DVD series of music instruction by a renowned bass guitar player and would make an excellent music related gift for anyone new or even experience with bass guitar.

Check out the current pricing on this one as I believe this is one of the best opportunities for bass players to have a successful experience with learning and playing bass.

Here is one other ebook that can add to your knowledge and skills, these are great gifts for the the bass enthusiast.


Music Lessons for Intermediate to Advanced Musicians



Improvising Music

Improvising Music

There are two ways to approach improvisation, I learned by completely understanding music theory. The other is by experimenting with the tonal center. We offer both methods here. But after due consideration if you truly want to gift a great music lesson you need to consider the Improvise for Real eBook and jam tracks.

I've got a complete write up on this course material and I would encourage you to give this to any new to advanced musician that is struggling with creation or just plain wanting to solo or improvise music.

Check it out here to see the Review and Get Improvise For Real

There are a lot of good to great choices here explore the need and then check what's in your budget, then make someone very happy!




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