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Music Related Gifts for Christmas

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Music Instruments

Music Gifts

Finding a music related gifts for Christmas giving is really not hard. Deciding on which is best for each person may not be as obvious. Here are some suggestions that may help guide you to an appropriate gift.

First let's look at the various Christmas gifts related to music that may appeal to your intended recipient.

Generally speaking you can narrow the Christmas music gifts into a few categories that will apply to your gift becoming the most valued present one may receive.  I'll cover gift cards and instruments in this post.

Recorded Music: Mailed Gift Card | Email Gift Card

Music Instruments: Digital Pianos | Benches & Stands | Amps | Electronic Pick ups | Acoustic Guitars | Electric Guitars | Other Instruments 

Recorded Audio or Digital Music

This is obviously the most known type of music gift where one may buy a CD or mp3 from the online stores.  This type of music gift however gets harder to decide on because so many people's tastes in music change with the latest album or hot artist on the street.

My suggestion is to use a gift certificate like those offered at Amazon.com  Ranging from $10 (15 cents on emailed) to $2000 these cards give you a real advantage in any merchandise they may want.

Mailed Gift Card


Email delivery

Click Image for your card type:

This can give you the option to have a range of prices to fit your budget and allow the recipient to pick exactly what is of the greatest interest today.



Music Instruments

Choosing an instrument for your family or special friend can be a very tricky problem as you may have to dig in and get that person's desire down first in order not to disappoint with a poor choice.
On the other hand if you're a parent looking to give your child some creative room, you'll want to balance quality with price when getting to your choice of musical instrument to bring into the home.

Best Beginner Music Instrument on a Budget

Today's instruments are generally good to excellent quality. However, sticking to some best sellers and taking time to review user comments can help you get a good clue as to which fits your budget and needs.

Generally speaking, for an initial investment of a new music instrument as a gift can be a difficult decision to make. I think when gifting music instruments you may be better off in providing an upgrade to an existing instrument.  That is an upgrade can be more appealing to those showing real promise in playing or interest in performing.

A good example is making an upgrade to a digital piano with weighted keys for better actions and response or getting a best rated guitar now that junior is starting to show signs of real talent.

For acoustic pianos, I'd steer you to dealers in the area as most pianos are built and acclimated to a specific climate. For digital however, there are many online options. Here are some buying considerations if this is in your radar.

Best Rated Piano Gifts Considerations:

Some piano sets have headphones included and this is nice for the individual, but you may have to consider an amplifier as well. Small amps are great for portability, but will often be tinnier sounding than a larger 15″ or greater speaker.

Start with the piano selection then move to the stand and amplifier. Make sure that you get a good cable of 10 plus feet long for the amp.  Also I wouldn't waste time with the under $100 piano selections unless you're interested in a small child experimenting with keyboard fun.

Both my acoustic grand and digital piano are Yamaha Brand, I'm a big fan, however, Roland has an excellent selection and I've played them and find that their weighting of keys may be superior to the digital Yamaha in some cases, but this is a personal preference thing. There are several other brands, like KORG, that get top ratings so stick to the top customer reviews.

For great quality and performance machines expect to drop over $800 and up to a couple of thousand if you're looking for truly serious performance.  Casio has come a long way in their offerings, but be sure to check reviews if you find something that might fit your needs, they provide bundled options and economics, but may lack the features for long term use.

digital keyboards

Combo Digital Piano Sets

Top Rated Digital Keyboards/Pianos

Pianos $100 to $200

Pianos $200 to $500

Pianos $ 500 to $1000


Pianos Greater than $1000



Best Piano Stands and Benches:

digital keyboards
In this class be sure to consider stands. Most come with a single pole stands and are not extremely stable. Consider a double pole stand (known as Double X or Dual X) or table style for best stability.

If you've got a good desk and chair flexibility a smaller stand would be good for most situations where you want to take your unit on the road. On the higher end of the pianos are often built with a stand and are usually less portable.

digital keyboards
Don't skip on Stands and extra ten to twenty bucks here can go a long way to keeping an accident in check. Piano Benches usually are square and many come in a collapsible X stand for better portability.

I also find that the Drum Throne is also an excellent choice for the portable needs of a digital piano.

Top Rated Keyboard and Digital Piano Stands

| Top Rated Piano Benches
| Best Drum Throne Options

Best Amps for piano and electric guitar:

digital keyboards
If you want to get started with the some of the low end mini amps consider this acceptable for practice and just goofing around, but don't count on them for performing.

Most guitar and bass amps work well for digital pianos as well. Mini Amps

For better quality sound, go with 30 watt or greater and 12 inch or greater speaker.Performance Amps



Best Guitar Gifts for Christmas

Before we get into guitars a simple thing you might consider is an electric pickup for that acoustic guitar with the aforementioned amplifier. There are number of really inexpensive clip on type units if don't think your guitarist will be using it much. Start here for options: Guitar Pickups $5 to $50