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Music Theory is Language 08

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Music theory is language and certainly more than just notes. It's a language and a sport.

This outtake from my 2010 interview with Donna Cercone covers the idea of why learning music is more than just a series of notes and patterns. In my first experience with the Cercone Mega Learning System I discovered that when all things are considered music is more akin to music is language, a full language,  and even a sport when you consider all that is going on. This alone gave our group a whole new appreciation for where and how we would discover music theory is language

The Top Piano Course for Beginners has been made available it is the Music Mastery Course by Donna Cercone. You learn in just a few days over one year of piano lessons and probably 3 years of music theory in record time with this unique and powerful method.

More than a beginner be sure to check out our Best Music Course Sources page.


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