Learning Music Theory Effectively

Music Theory Learning Methods

The music theory learning methods used here at the workshop are based on several approaches.

Everyone has a different learning mode. You are no exception. You have been taught many ways to learn things throughout your life. Your parents, teachers, friends, advisers – even television and the internet – all have an influence on your current learning methods.

Rapid Learning Techniques

Music Workshop Learning Methods

Music Workshop Learnng Methods

Many people have researched learning, and there are great books to help you improve your ability and speed of learning. One of the best is the research and tape program developed and published by Donna Cercone in applying accelerated learning methods to teaching music in her studio.

As an author of this workshop, I have experienced firsthand what she has developed and I have seen it adapted, implemented and applied over the years. She has published MEGALearning, “a powerful new system for processing and applying new information at rapid speed”.

For our purposes, the learning music theory methods we are adopting techniques from various methods to optimize your learning experience for learning the foundations of music structure.

Here are a few of the learning concepts we use to make your journey more enjoyable and accelerate the pace at which you absorb the techniques and theory:

Using Three Sensors

There are three main learning sensors: Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. The “Getting It Down Cold” workshops combine these three primary learning methods to give the best results for learning.

We combine the physical (writing and forming with the hands), the visual (reading with graphics and use of the staff and patterns), and the auditory (hearing by playing the parts on your instrument or a keyboard, or tapping with your hands) to help you visualize and feel the rhythm as you practice the scales.

Focused effort

The next learning technique is based on setting goals and targets to accomplish those goals. We implement the following method to “get it down cold”:

1. Know your goal

2. Define targets to get to that goal

3. Keep your goal in sight

4. Provide a direct path to that goal

5. Don't give up until you achieve your goal

With this, you have a clear vision of where you’re going and a direct path to get there. All you have to do is to apply focused attention and energy on a consistent basis and you will achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Music Theory Practice Technique

The workshops detail the practice technique discussed above. It will be up to you to take the time and actions needed to accomplish the work. We have provided the outline and the road map, but the ultimate determination of your success is whether you apply the time and energy needed for your goal.

If you already have the drive, we are preaching to the choir. And believe us; we hope this is the case! Remember, you are the master of your journey. That brings us to a crucial part of practicing…

How Do We Practice Without Getting Bogged Down In The Rote Method Of Learning?

This is built into the program. Rather than trying to learn it all at once, you take it one step at a time. You take that step, let it sink in, and then build on the success of the past.

You can’t jump in and expect to get it all at once. Therefore the learning sheets are developed to allow you to practice or learn in 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour at a time.

Sometimes completing one item may be 10 minutes of practice or effort. Sometimes it may be 2 minutes. But the idea is that it is a single concentrated effort.

It is much better to take 5 minutes of focused time to master a single concept than it is to play an hour and simply repeat the same thing again and again while making no real progress.

So What Are You Focusing On?

Focus your study on just one music lesson or concept at a time. Let's say you quickly learn the process of creating a chord for a new starting note. The next step may be focusing on just spelling the chord a few times and playing it on your instrument.

By taking simple steps of concentrated effort you begin your mastery of the music theory, your music skill, and your musical abilities.

Discover our music theory learning methods at instruction eBooks.

Also learn more here, you can get the workshop methods eBook for free:

Music Theory Workshop Methodology
Music Theory Workshop Methodology
Free: Get this ebook PDF describing the methods used at the music learning workshop and the organization of lessons and structure used at the music learning workshop. A link will be emailed to you and you'll recieve a second email with information on the 7 Crucial Steps to Learn a Song Quickly.




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