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We use PayPal to process all affiliate commissions, you must sign up with a PayPal email address in order to be an affiliate.

Music Theory Workshop Affiliate Tools: 

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Basic affiliate linking:

The default link provided on the home page of the affiliate log-in is to the product listing page. It will look like this:


“music-theory-products” is the landing page and “youraffliateid” would be your specific id name.

to direct traffic to any other page in this site you can go to that page copy the page link and add: ?ap_id=affiliateid (replace affiliateid with your specific id name)

The format for the link is: https://musictheoryworkshop.com/specific-site-page-here/?ap_id=affidhere

Affiliate Banners and Creatives

There are a number of creatives inside the affiliate center which provide images and text links with your embedded affiliate id. Remember that you can use your own with the format provided above. Here is also a zip file with just the image creatives. MTW Ad Creatives

When you sign up you will be added to the affiliate email list and will be provided with new information as new materials, courses, or pertinent information becomes available.

Music Theory Workshop Affiliate Custom Field Tracking

You can track a custom field with the Affiliate Platform to help with your ad campaigns.

The custom field tracking can be used to measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns. For example, you have created an affiliate account whose affiliate ID is “myaff12″. You have placed affiliate links/ads on two different sites using this same affiliate ID. The custom field can help you identify which site sent more clicks.

How to Use The Custom Field Tracking

Simply add the custom field value at the end of the affiliated URL:   &c_id=XXXX   

(change XXXX to your desired tracking code; see example below).


You are familiar with the following affiliate link (myaff12 is the affiliate ID in this example):


Add custom field tracking to this link simply add the tracking code directly after the affiliate id:


“XXXX” is the value of the custom field that you want to associate with this link. An example value could be “site1″ in which case the affiliate URL will look like the following:


Now, when a visitor clicks on this link our platform will know which affiliate sent the traffic but additionally it will track the “site1″ parameter which helps in identifying which site or link in particular sent the traffic.

Once you are logged in and you go to the “Click Throughs” menu it will show the custom field value associated with the clicks.

Music Theory Workshop Commissions

Most all Music Learning Workshop/Music Theory Workshop Produced products have a 50% commission rate after transaction fees. There may be occasions that a specific product will have less than the full commission due to various factors influencing fees or restrictions.

Commissions are paid monthly based on a previous 30 day hold period for refund requests. (i.e. you get paid for June sales approximately 30 days later around Aug 1)

Outside Products provided by other vendors may or may not have commissions; in most cases there will be a shared commissions but will be at a lower rate than the MTW products. As these products are added we will identify them here:

Outside Products Commissions:

Improvise for Real and Jam Tracks are sold on consignment with a vendor agreement where commission is 25% for MTW affiliates after deducting transaction fees.

Add your Product to our store:

If you have a digital product for music related learning and would like to add it to our store, we would like to consider that addition on a revenue share option. We can host your digital product securely or link to your secure download location. Our store will handle the collection of the sales. Revenue sharing will be paid monthly less refund requests at 30 days after the close of the month. 

If you have a physical product please contact us for consideration at the link: Contact

We look forward to a great relationship with our affiliates and partners.

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