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Music Theory Workshop Testimonials

The following are unsolicited feedback from users of the course or workshops.

Most students don't provide much feedback, they quietly go about learning music.

Music Course TestimonialsHowever these few have really warmed our hearts with their efforts and there appreciation.

We wish them the best and are here ready to help.

 I'm very impressed by this course. I like the way the information is presented, its content, the overall philosophy, the follow ups, the getting back quickly to questions. Great job. On a scale from 1 to 10, I give it 100. This is based on what I've seen in my first two weeks.

I'm 41 years old and have been learning Classical guitar for the last three years. (No previous music background). I like my teacher, although his focus is mostly technique. This course is a good compliment to my guitar lessons. — Carlos

More from Carlos: In this lesson's follow up you ask that we let you know how we are doing with your course. I keep praising your course as much as the first day. I love it and thank you for your effort of putting it together.

How am I doing? I could be doing better. I say that only only because I'm not keeping up with my reading and homework, like you suggest.

I'm catching up with my reading now. When I focus on what I'm reading, the lesson are enjoyable, and little by little things start to come together.

Thanks for writing the music lessons and providing a structure. I have had some adult lessons and I have been frustrated at the lack of coherent structure. Using a cooking analogy – How can you bake a cake if you don't know what all the ingredients are??? Many Thanks. – Anne
I have literally browsed 100's of sites for something like this. I purchased your Music Theory Rhythm (Rhythm is my weak point). This is the first and only comprehensive rhythm workshop, it’s amazing. It is very helpful, very “straight to the point”. I don’t know how to thank you – Chaim
Hello, I have really enjoyed your service…. Thank you again for your wonderfull service, it has been a huge help with my music learning career! –  Heide
Finished lesson 1. Very well done and easy to follow. I hope the rest of the lessons will be the same! DM
Thanks for your website as well as your music Learning workshop. I do appreciate of your simple but effective and easy-catching methods for a very new music learner who hasn't learned any music before, even a single note. Yes, now, I am a very new beginner of your teaching.

Thanks for your willing feedback. It is great to be able to receive the feedback from the author in person. Last night, I just started to study basic notes. How amazingly I caught it well. Understandably with simple and humorous illustrations! Your materials have encouraged me much to start to learn music which I had thought that I am getting old to be able to catch well with music theory.

Furthermore, in Vietnam, to join any real professional and quality music course costs much money I can't afford for that. I do need to learn quality music to prepare to my studying Bible course coming soon on this June, which requires any registered students to have basic music theory.

Thanks a lot for your encouragement with the best materials.   Minh T

I am so pleased with what I am seeing so far in all the course materials. They downloaded quickly and perfectly on our iMac so I did move them to Dropbox and can access them on both devices (iPad2). I am looking forward to a new and more intentional path and journey of increasing “the joy of music” to my life in the time I have so I can share it with others. You are doing a good work, Brad.  Joyce Q
I think the course covers many important points in reading music and has enough exercises to allow the beginner to gain a sufficient understanding of music. With my guitar practice and study of theory it fits well without attending a University. David H
Your website is very helpful for me to begin learning music theory. I hope  I will take Music Theory Course/Getting It Down Cool one day. You are a smart guy and thanks for sharing your information! Cindy
I recently had a course on music theory and was so frustrated because we went to fast and the book didn't explain very well. If you knew the material well before you took the class then you were alright.  I find I am really enjoying this workshop and would recommend it to anyone. Thank You and everyone else that assisted Brad! Sue
I'd like to tell you a little anecdote: 

 Some days ago I asked a pianist with 14 years of study to tell me how many sharps or flats a given key had, we did it for a couple of them, in both ways (she asked me too), and she was shocked and amazed because I, having studied it for just some weeks, could do it about twice or three times faster than she did 🙂

Well, thank you again Brad, keep with the great work, this workshops are by far the best I've found over the years, I've always wanted to learn this stuff, never could, till now. Best, Israel C

I used to play by ear when I was in High school then just stopped and life took over till the work accident, I have recently started playing again and was struggling trying to teach myself Theory. I have hopes of being able to support myself teaching students or studio work at some point. I cannot tell you what this means to me, I can only say Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you have a charmed and carefree life from this point forward. You have given me what I was needing to try and tie everything together and make since of why and how come this is played this way and another piece is played another way, again Thank You So Much, Danny C

 In the interest of full disclosure:

We have received negative feedback. This feed back wasn't so much about the content of the course but in these cases it was more about having to deal with the electronic format or a complete misunderstanding of the course intent. In one case a customer didn't like the approach used in story telling to learn the information. This seemed to be an attitude issue rather than a content one. (guess you can't please everyone all the time.) In another case a student thought they were buying some magic bullet on learning music. (Guess what, there's no magic bullet, but there are easy and effective ways to learn.) Based on this communication, I don't believe this student will ever find what he was looking for.

Learning music does take effort, it's consistent and continual effort that will help you learn music effectively and fast.


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