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I recently had an email exchange with a student and they were in a real pickle to learn so much music in such a short period of time to be able to participate in a school band. He wanted to know how they could possibility achieve such a goal with the music course we offered.

To help you them out, I offered some suggestions. The full course is offered as a full onetime download (fundamentals music course) and covers what he was looking to learn and more.

Scales and Modes

We talked about scales and more specifically about scale modes, our course covers scales in detail and the modes are variations on intervals using the same notes. The course covers that concept, but it would take some applied study time to really understand how they can be applied. Usually the scale modes are taught very late in the theory concept and more for the jazz crowd than the beginner.

However, I’m not concerned with when they are taught, but the principles for learning how modes are developed is right in line with learning the basics of the major and minor scales and can be taught right along side the basic principles.

Because the scale modes are used more in composition and improvisation by advanced musicians we don’t cover them in extended detail in the fundamentals course, except to only make you understand how they are defined and relate to the basic scale fundamentals.

Which Course is Best Way to Learn Music Now

So if you’re serious about learning music quickly, the thing to do is to pick up the full course rather than go for individual music lessons or a monthly music program.

It will provide the best value. However, if you don’t want to drop the full price, you can pick up a targeted lesson for your current needs would be the best alternative.

The course can be devoured in relatively short order (several days to a couple of weeks), but to truly get through it will take a number of weeks.

One way to use it is to go through reading and understanding as much of it as you can to get the basic principles; then come back to work the detailed exercises to reinforce the knowledge and have it sink in better. This can be one way to learn music quickly for your upcoming needs.

Individual Music Lessons Option 

If you feel that you’d rather target individual lessons to learn music quickly here are my thoughts:


You probably know a large part of the notes. If you’re learning the master staff, we use a story method to see where all the notes are and how they can be easily learned. You still have to cement the knowledge to sight read them using flash cards. We group them in octaves starting at the low C and learn them in four groups and within in two weeks can learn to recite them all in under 40 seconds.

I’m going to suggest that if you feel weak on notes, that you get the full notes workshop and not just the individual lessons.

Notes Workshop: music notes wrkshp (It does not include rhythm basics which is another essential part of learning to read notes and you may want to pick up that lesson separately).

If you have a decent grasp of the basic reading of sheet music you can go to the Notes Individual Lessons (basics, master staff, intervals, rhythm basics) and choose what you need to focus on: music theory note lessons

Rhythm Lessons

For rhythm, where a great majority of students simple struggle, you may only need the rhythm basics mastery which covers the theory of reading rhythm.

If you’re working with others you’re likely getting the actual practice in a better way and the course will be a good supplement to help you understand and work on rhythm.

The additional lessons are primarily exercises to help you improve your skill with many different rhythm patterns. Rhythm Lessons

Scales and Chords

When it comes to scales and keys, I highly recommend the workshop and not the lessons. Same goes for the chords.  These require a lot of work to fully master but you can get basics fairly quickly and build your knowledge and working base in a strong and steady path.

 But if you needed to get down base knowledge quickly get the key signature lesson and scales – major and minor.

For chords get at least the chords basic mastery, harmonic systems can be put off until later, but I'll put a plug in for the systems as that’s where it all comes together. Music Chord Lessons

Bottom line to Learn Music Quickly

If you can do it go for the full one time full music download course. It’s the best value all around to learn music quickly and will provide you with the best fundamentals workshop style learning around.

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