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Materials of Music

Materials of Music”, by Robert Reno, is a one of the best music theory textbooks available online to teach you basic and advanced music theory concepts.

Bob created this book as a college level teaching text for both those that have had experience and those with minimal experience to music.

It does a fantastic job of breaking down each of the materials of music from the basics of music theory to the advanced concepts on harmony. By dividing it into three distinct sections to cover related topics it is an excellent tool for teaching and learning music.

Teaching Approach

Materials of Music Textbook

Materials of Music Textbook

The Materials of Music approach is centered on the class room “learning of principle and completing of exercises” style. This is in contrast to the workshop style used in our lesson plans. Both of these approaches have validity in the context of their use.

Materials of Music Sections and Chapters

The course material is laid out in three sections starting with fundamentals or basics of music theory, then working diatonic harmony and chromatic harmony. In all there are 37 chapters or elements of music covered in this text and 5 appendices to support the lessons.

With this many chapters you’ll easily cover the notes, rhythm, scales, chords that all practical musicians must master, but you’ll also learn harmonic analysis and diatonic harmony systems. The chromatic harmony section delves into realm outside of a given key and scale. 14 of the chapters are in this section and I’ve picked up a lot of composition ideas myself.

Most musicians stop before getting into these types of details and it’s why they really never get into the complexities of composition.

Tested Music Course

Bob has tested this text as a two year study course for his class room teaching. He has proven the concepts and teaching style with great success. I believe that this book could easily be the music theory books for high school classes where students are getting this knowledge sooner.

The Music Learning Workshop has a full review of materials of music for a more in depth look at what is included in each section to provide you with a better overview of the course sections.

Accelerate Your Learning of the Materials of Music

If you‘d like to accelerate your knowledge and skills of music you can do it with this eBook. There are thirty seven chapters and if you take just one a week you can gain more knowledge about music in under ten months than most have in years of training.

If you have some music theory background or training you’ll likely breeze through the first chapters, and could even make a study of the materials of music down to about a half a year with a diligent effort. I believe you need to spend time with each new concept and work the exercises and review, so to me this seems like a doable objective if you’ve got some background already.

Studying the theory is just as important as playing and improving technique. It’s this study that leads you to experiment and understand composition and improvisation. That’s why we promote working on our mind skills as well as your physical playing.

How to Use Materials of Music with the Workshops

Materials of Music Textbook

Materials of Music Textbook

My bias here is that if you learn the fundamentals using the workshop courses and lessons you are mastering the concepts taught in section 1 of this music theory college course. So this section will become a reference for you.

Having achieved the basic knowledge and level of skill, then you need a music theory course like this one to take you into more depth of understanding of the advanced concepts.

We recommend this textbook as the next stepping stone to your music learning experience and are excited to be able to offer it directly to you.

This music skills eBook is a  PDF formatted file and completely indexed, with mp3 audio files and individual printable work sets.

Available for instant download  $39.95, “Materials of Music”

Materials of Music by Bob Reno
"Materials of Music" takes the student on a journey from the foundational principles to some remarkably sophisticated lessons including melodic principles, four-part harmonization, and modulation. All while keeping it clear and easy to follow. It is completely indexed PDF formatted file, with separate printable worksheets and mp3 audio files.
Price: $39.95


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