Learning Music Theory Effectively

Practical Homeschool Music Lessons for Music Theory

12 Month, Weekly Lesson Plan, covers over 4 years of Music Theory Lesson.

Applies to Only Music Theory Workshop Course or Workshops

This course is designed for a maturity level of about 10 years old and above. It is a direct approach to home school basic music theory and is a fantastic replacement for the typical method books.

Have you ever wondered why it takes so many years for music students to learn to play an instrument well? Many music teachers try to teach a musical instrument such as piano or guitar and end up focusing on technique with little attention for the real essence of learning music which is in the fundamental principles of music theory.

Why Children Struggle with Music

Most children struggle with correctly learning music with the standard approach of teaching an instrument.

The typical programs use the instrument approach. That is the theory of music may be discussed and marginally utilized within these programs, but the focus is often a secondary concept rather than the primary one.

As your child studies a musical instrument the major focus is on technique and the various elements of music theory are brought in in an attempt to teach them a song. It is disjointed and takes a long time to understand these various music element relationships. It’s like trying to learn algebra when you haven't even mastered the concepts of addition.

For the folks that initially attempt to use a music theory reference book, there is no coordinated attack on progressing through the material. It doesn’t provide you with a proper way to learn the music elements in a way that will set into memory. Quite frankly it’s a telling method and not a learning method.

What Does Work for Teaching Music Theory?

The Solution: A Focused Homeschool Music Lesson Plan

The Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Lessons and Course provide a way for you as a parent to be able to teach your children the practical application of music theory.  When music theory is understood sooner in the teaching process, learning can take place at an accelerated pace providing the ability to learn songs faster.

How to accomplish 4 years of music theory lessons in under a year.

Here’s how this course approaches the home school music lesson plan. The course is divided into four separate workshop modules. Each of these modules has several “music element” lessons that build off of previous lessons.

They take a targeted and focused approach to getting the music principles and rules for a specific element covered quickly and completely. Your student will actually build their own music theory resource. Read more about philosophy and methods here: Music Theory Workshop Methods

The lessons were initially developed to be able to complete one lessons concept every two weeks. The first week is used to learn the principles spending about 30 minutes over a few days and then over the completion of two weeks to expand and work with the music principles.

There are 24 defined lesson areas with multiply parts in the learning process. A music lesson takes an approach of learn it, work it, own it. In completing a lesson, one a week would be reasonable for 1/2 to 1 hour a day on average.

Some lessons are quick, taking a few hours and others take time as much as 10 or 12 hours to complete the principles and the physical creation of materials. Practice takes on various meanings as learning scales and chords means taking what you have learned and applying it to an instrument with guidance on technique.

In the rhythm workshop, the practice exercises takes a continuous effort. The practice is broken down into 2 to 5 minute blocks to allow the student to develop the skill set needed for the long term.

It’s more important to work at your own speed to get the concepts down. There is never a rush, remember we’re covering over 4 years of normal music theory lessons in a very short period of time, but accomplishing it in a concentrated effort.

What You Get in the Full Music Theory Course:

The complete course includes a set of numbered files, 12 total. They are:

  1. An introductory ‘Read Me First’ file to orient you on the contents and organization of your download. It also has links to the bonus notation book and files.
  2. The full Crucial Steps to Learn a Song Quickly Report.
  3. A lesson plan, which provides you a road map to broaden the teaching across course workshops or there is the option of using one workshop at a time in sequence.
  4. There are four workshops which are the core of the course covering Notes, Rhythm, Keys & Scales, and Creating Chords.
    1. Notes workshop covers the symbols, learning the master staff, and covering that all important note intervals (which is often over looked by large number of music teachers.)
    2. Rhythm workshop covers the basic understanding of reading notes for time and has over 30 practice rhythms to challenge your student.
    3. Keys and Scales workshop covers the entire gambit of major and minor key signatures and scales. Then it takes on the other scale development for a half dozen or so other scale types which leads the student into an understanding of how styles of music can be created.
    4. Creating Chords workshop covers the development of triads and the four basic types of chords working its way into complete chord systems and progressions. This is an intense understanding of chords, and once your child gets this down they will skyrocket their learning ability.
  5. There are supplemental files for the ability to print out a 4 octave keyboard to work with the various workshops without having to go to an instrument.
  6. A Scale Fingering for the Keyboard workbook to help master scales at the piano.
  7. The Secrets of 7ths is an extended take on the chords workshop to better understand how these important chords work and help in improvising.
  8. And the final file is a bonus lesson which covers an introduction and explanation of the advanced concepts of harmony, resolution, and modulation.

Check out our students and their Course Testimonials.

Do You Need to Know Music to Homeschool Music Lessons?

Well, yes and no. This course’s music theory lesson plan is specifically designed as a self-study program, and with a little guidance from a parent your child will have no problem learning these concepts. You can also learn with your child as you go, and if you really get hung up I’m here to help give you some guidance. So no, you don’t need know music because you will learn it too.

However, if you’re going to teach a specific instrument you will need to know how to teach the techniques or have a supplemental tutor that can teach them. Although I’ve seen video and courses on technique, it’s one of the more difficult things to learn without human instruction.

Get Your Homeschool Music Lessons, Workshops, or Course

If you want your child to learn music faster or become more proficient at music this course has the homeschool music lesson plan for you.

This course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you take this course and implement it and your child cannot learn the music rules and principles easily and quickly you can simply let me know and get a refund.

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Music Lesson Options

The full music course is truly designed for the student to master music knowledge. But there some other options that may appeal to your needs more.

  1. Materials of Music – is a text developed by Professor Bob Reno for his college level students. He covers 30 lessons from the basics to advanced. It is truly a lesson and exercise book based in classroom style learning.  This gets my full recommendation for covering music as a subject which should be taught. Read more about it here: Music Textbook
  2. Improvisation for Real – Expand your skills as a musician. David Reed's improvisation materials are the best I've seen whether you know how to play or not. It's a process of exploration. Read more here: Improvising Musician

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