Learning Music Theory Effectively

Improvising Music Using Improvise For Real

Improvising Music is a challenge for new, intermediate, and even some advanced musicians. Now you can easily learn to improvise discovering your own secret world of music creation.

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Improvising Music

Improvising Music

Song Improvisation is something that comes naturally to some musicians and others struggle with trying to get beyond the basics.

Whether improvising music on guitar or piano or any other instrument there has to be an understanding of harmony.

There's a new kid on the block with a new teaching method to enlighten and help musicians with music improvisation study.

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Improvising Music with Improvise for Real

With Improvise for Real you'll:

In a very short period of time with a specific step by step method that allow you to discover the pleasure and fun of improvising on your own.

Start composing our own music without having to learn the rules and formulas of reading notes.

Eliminate the frustrations of not being able to play along with the music you hear.

Begin creating and composing your own music, and jamming with others.

Change practice time into creative and inspired sessions of fun and easy play time.

Find your own path to mastering harmony when you find out how it really works.

Improvise for Real Method

This new method is a course which will allow a music student to experience a well thought out approach to applied music improvising.

The method uses 5 essential exercises which represent five different levels of musical abstraction, and together they form a complete method for lifelong musical growth. Those exercises are:

  1. Landscape
  2. Melody
  3. Pure Harmony
  4. Mixed Harmony
  5. Free Harmony

Each of the exercises is explored in 7 to 10 chapters to cover the concepts which will need to be understood and used by the student. Completing these chapters and music exercises will allow you to take complete control of your own development and creation of music.

Improvise Methods

Improvise Methods

The goal of the method is to enable students to understand any piece of music simply by listening to it, and to express any musical idea that they can imagine without relying on patterns or formulas.

This is very different than the methods we endorse at the workshop. however, we've come to understand how much value this adds in the overall ability of the music learning journey. That said, right off the bat, David uses the major scale as the basis for his method to get started.

So in reality it's still part of the overall music framework. It's focused on harmony and listening rather than on direct formulas and patterns. This provides another approach to learning music which we fully endorse here at the workshop. If you've followed any of my rants you'll know that I've always supported different approaches to learning so that you fully understand and master music.

This teaching method is proving to be very popular and a great way for both the beginning music student as well as the experienced musician to the participate in the art of creation in their music.

Improvising Music with Improvise for Real Jam Tracks


Jam Tracks Volume 1


Jam Tracks Volume 2

One of the things that improvising music requires is to be able to have the play-a-long accompanying tracks so you can test out your new found skills. David has produced a complimentary set of jam tracks to that can be used with the course.

It ‘s got over 35 tracks in each of two volumes for helping you as you work and practice exercises 2 & 3 of Melody and Pure Harmony. With the great selection of music styles you are going to get a wide range of exposure to playing and improvising your music.

It can also be used by those that just want some new and different tracks to play with. Check out Jam Tracks Volume 1 and Volume 2 today!

New to the IFR Course Materials is:

product-icon-standards-workout-1-en-220x220-white-backgroundIFR Standards Workout 1

which is a new offering from IFR. This new Standards Workout 1 takes some of the most popular jazz standards and explores the harmony and is designed to help you understand and  master the harmony of these songs allowing you the ability to improvise over them at on your own or when jamming with others.

To learn more about the Standards Workout check out Davids information here: IFR Standards Workout 1

NEW Improvise for Real Complete Video Course for Guitar

product-icon-video-course-guitar-mod1-en-220x220-transparent-backgroundDavid has been working long and hard a new Course just for Guitar using the Improvise for Real method.

This course is fully focused on guitar players, it starts at the beginning of IFR and builds a complete approach to improvising.

The entire course is set up to let you learn how to improvise freely across the entire fretboard, and thus allowing you to create  your musical ideas in any key as well as utilize a wide variety of chords and harmonic environments on the guitar.

You don't need to know any music theory or even have gotten the IFR method before. This is an all encompassing IFR method. If you truly want to learn to improvise on guitar there is nothing else like this and you need to get this now!

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How to Get this Music Improvising Method

Whether you're looking to improvise with guitar or any other instrument the IFR courses and jam tracks are one of the best values and workable courses on the market today.

I've developed a personal relationship with David Reed, the author of this method, and I'm incredibly impressed with his materials.

This is one of the best values on the market, with over 40 chapters and 250 pages on discovering improvisation. Don't expect to finish this quickly, this is an ongoing journey and is meant to be completed at your own pace.


Improvise for Real Course

So if you're ready to create and compose your own music, jam with others, impress your friends and family, begin to really enjoy playing

Go here to Get the IFR Course

or go full out with the

IFR Video Guitar Course


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