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Music Theory Workshop Lesson and Courses.

There are two options for music courses. You'll find four workshops, with bundled options including “Notes & Rhythm” , Keys-Scales & Chords”, “Keys-Scales with Fingerings”, as well as “Chords & Sevenths”

The targeted individual music lessons are for specific music principles and come from the workshop formats.

Check the support files for a free download on our methods. We also offer an electronic version of a notation reference book.

The product titles take you to specific pages to learn more about the individual music theory learning eBooks. Currently we do not offer hard copy products.

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Music Theory Courses:

Full Beginners Music Theory Course
The full beginner to intermediate music theory course, covers notes, rhythm, key signatures, scales, chords. This is the all inclusive workshop and bonus package. Designed to get you 4 plus years of music theory study in under one year.

 Music Element Workshops

Be sure to check out the extra special pricing on workshop bundles!

Notes Workshop
The Notes Workshop is for the beginning student that needs to learn note symbols, piano keys, master staff, and note intervals. This is the complete note lesson series to understanding note pitch and reading music
Rhythm Workshop
They Rhythm workshop covers note symbols that convey time, basic rhythm principles, basic practice sets through beat division, extended patterns, and challanging rhtyhm patterns. It is a complete rhtyhm lessons in one workshop.
Keys and Scales Workshop
The key signature and music scales workshop takes you through learning all major and minor key signatures and scales in all keys. The scales lessons cover major and 3 minor scale types as well as over six other types of scale styles like blues and jazz.
Chords Workshop
The Creating Chords Workshop covers all basic lessons in understanding chord structures in all keys. In addition it covers all chord lessons including harmonic systems and chord progressions. As well it includes the secrets of sevenths lesson.
Workshops: Notes & Rhythm Bundle
Workshops: Notes & Rhythm Bundle
Get both The Notes Workshop and Rhythm workshop together. Great Combination to learn to read notes and play rhtyhm together. With support files, Learn a Song, and the Notation Ebook.
Workshops: Keys-Scales & Fingering Bundle
Workshops: Keys-Scales & Fingering Bundle
Get both the Key Signature - Music Scales workshop and the Keyboard Scale Fingers Workbook together, including the Learn a Song ebook, and the Notation Ebook.
Workshops: Chords and Sevenths Bundle
Workshops: Chords and Sevenths Bundle
Get both the Chords workshop together with the Secrets of Sevenths. Also including the Learn a Song, and the Notation Ebooks.
Workshops: Keys-Scales & Chords Bundle
Workshops: Keys-Scales & Chords Bundle
Get both the Key Signature - Music Scales workshop and the Chords workshop together with two added bonuses of the Piano Scale Fingerings and the Secrets of Sevenths. Best intermediate combination for getting all the keys, scales and chords down cold. With Learn a Song, and the Notation Ebook.


Music Rudiment Lessons

Piano Notes and Symbols Lesson
The beginners guide to notes and reading music. If you don't know anything - this is the place to start. You'll learn what all the pieces of the sheet music are all about.
Master Staff Lesson
Learning the master staff is essential if you plan on playing a vast amount of music or playing with other musicians. This workshop approaches the masterstaff differenly than any other typical method used. By the time you are done you will be able to sight read the master staff in under 40 seconds.
Major Intervals
Intervals are the basis for forming note pairs and the beginning establishment of chord structures. The is the first of two lessons in mastering the major intervals based on the major scale.
Minor Intervals
Minor intervals are the notes not assoicated with the major scale. Learning this segment which is often over looked by many teachers should not be taken lightly. This second lesson completes the intervals of a 12 tone scale. With this you form the basis for all chord structures to come.
Rhythm Basics Mastery
Once you know the music symbols the next thing to begin to master is rhythm. This lessons starts you off right. You'll start with the basic knowledge and know how to get you working rhythm independently from your instrument.
Rhythm Basic Patterns
Rhythm excersizes to get you working on the different parts and patterns found in your music. These basic sets will have you working on the right path in no time. Bonus intro included.
Rhtyhm Divided Beat Mastery
Rhythm excersizes working into beat division and subparts of rhythm. This set will expand your skill beyond the basic continumn.
Rhtyhm Challenge Sets
The rhtyhm challenge set is a series of pattern exercises to hone your skill at working on rhythm. Suggested for keeping you working on improving this most important skill of playing music.
Key Signature Mastery
Learning Keys Signatures is a must. This lesson provides everything you will need to learn the major and minor keys. And you begin with major scale mathmatics. Knowing how keys are formed is essential in learning music. This will go a very long way when you tackle scales and chords.
Scales Major and Minor
All students need to learn the fundamental major scales and the related minor scales. This lesson will show you how to mathmaticly create every major and the 3 minor scales in every key. You'll create your own theory sheets and never wonder again about these scales.
Scales Advanced
This lesson expands your knowledge and use of scales. Covering 6 more scales which will show provide you with options on playing different styles of music like blues and jazz.
Creating Chords Basics Mastery
The Creating Chords basics lessons covers the understanding of the basic chord structures in all keys. You'll learn how the basic triads are formed, how inversions are used and how pattern recognition can get you way beyond the reading of music and in the compostion and playing where you belong
Chord Harmonic Systems
Having achieved the chord basic strucutres you'll learn how major and minor diatonic harmonic systems are the real foundation of song structure. This lesson alone will give you a whole new prospective on learning and play tunes.
Chord Progressions
Chords go through progressions. Understanding how progressions work is what this short lessons is about. Knowing these structures and movements will enlighten you on playing and composing your own songs.
Chords Secrets of Sevenths
Seventh chords seems to confound many music students. There are just a few secrets you need to know that will make these magical chords be at your comand and use.
Harmony - Resolution - Modulation
This lesson is a high level look at harmony, resolution of chords, and modulation of chords to move to other keys. This lesson is designed to expand you into the advanced music areas. It will spark your imagination and provide you with some insight on how music flows.
Learn A Song Crucial Steps to Mastery
The learn a song book is a specific step by step method of using your music knowledge and theory to learn songs quickly and easily. This is the exact method used at the music learning workshop to learn and polish songs for performance. You'll learn about my struggle to learn music and the events that turned it around and why the music learning workshop was created.
Scales Piano Fingerings
Many students struggle with learning the fingerings for the piano and keyboard. This workbook takes the guess work out of learning those fingerings. When you learn the secerts of how to work fingerings your practice sessions will become easier and easier.


Support Files and Information

Music Theory Workshop Methodology
Music Theory Workshop Methodology
Free: Get this ebook PDF describing the methods used at the music learning workshop and the organization of lessons and structure used at the music learning workshop. A link will be emailed to you and you'll recieve a second email with information on the 7 Crucial Steps to Learn a Song Quickly.

Notation and Terminology and support files
Notation and Terminology and support files
A Classic Reference Book on Notation and Terminology with additional graphic and midi files. Great for electronic search of music terms and information. I'll also give the opertunity to Learn the 7 Crucial Steps to Learning a Song Quckly for Free.

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