Learning Music Theory Effectively

Learn Music Theory or Some Other Music Principles?

Learning Music – Choose Your Need below

Do you want to learn music theory or some other aspect of music?

Everyone is somewhere in learning music and at the Music Theory Workshop we're about helping you find the materials and courses that will best help you achieve your music learning goals.

Which Music Element Are You Learning? Below you can choose your greatest interest and begin to explore the best music lessons and courses available.

Learn Music Theory

Music Theory Courses and LessonsTo Learn Music Theory applies to all instruments, the more you know the quicker you can learn, create, and participate in performing and playing music. For the most comprehensive music course and workshops see our music theory instruction eBooks page.

Also for a great text book to learn music theory in the extended and advanced concepts consider Bob Reno's Materials of Music. It has a very nicely broken up textbook style layout.



improvisingIt's more than just playing around with a few chords and ideas. David Reed has develop a great value in the Improvise for Real eBook and mp3 play-a-longs.

Learn how here: Improvising.

Guitar and Bass

guitar coursesWith so many guitar courses and methods out there, were continually looking at what's best. Here's where you can find out more about what we've found so far. And when it comes to bass guitar we think Roy Vogt is the place to learn.

For beginning guitar Kathy Unruh has an excellent starter eBook called Anybody Can Learn Guitar. We've just become familiar with JamPlay Guitar Lessons Online and highly recommend you check out their program.






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