Learning Music Theory Effectively

Music Theory Lessons

The Music Theory Workshop has focused and targeted music theory lessons in all the categories of the music elements.

Music Theory Introductory Reports and Books

There are three support files that may be of interest to you. The first is the Crucial Steps to Learning a Song Quickly. This report is my own personal method for using the principles of music and music theory to learn songs fast. It is based on my experience with the Cercone Learning Method.

The Second is an explanation of the teaching and learning methods used in our courses and workshops. It is a free report you can obtain through the shopping cart for free, however if you get it, you will be signed up for our e-zine when you confirm through your email.

The third is a Music Notation and Terminology reference which is included as a bonus with our courses and workshops, however, if you want a classic reference we ask a small fee to make it available and support our site.

Music Note Lessons

For the beginner, the music note lessons on piano note symbols and rhythm symbols is the place to start, from there you got to  the master staff notes and identifying note intervals. These are the basic reading notes lessons and when combined with the rhythm lesson give a complete understanding on the basics of knowing how to read music. (Get all the lessons in the Music Notes Workshop)

Music Rhythm Lessons

For rhythm enhancement you’ll find basic notation of notes for reading rhythms. Additionally we have a couple of sets of rhythm practice worksheet sets to build your skill in the basic continuum of rhythm and in advanced patterns. (Get all in the Rhythm Workshop)

Music Key Signature Lesson & Music Scale Lessons

For the beginner to intermediate level we have the key signature lesson, where you create your own theory sheets to learn all the major and minor key signatures. The scale lessons also augment this lesson with additional key signature experience using another angle. (Get all in the Keys & Scales Workshop)


Scales are such an important part of learning music and total miss understood by the beginning student. Most think of them as something to practice. In these music scale lessons you’ll find that you will learn a wealth of knowledge about how scales are created and related.

Getting a full picture of the basic major scale and three related minor scales early and complete is a must for every student if they truly want to use scale application to composition. The second lessons is in expanding your knowledge of the different scale types such as blues, pentatonic, and 5 others for use in jazz improvisation and composition. As well there is a piano scale fingering workbook to learn correct technique for playing all the scales on the keyboard.

Music Chord Lessons

The music chord lessons are designed to provide you with basic knowledge in chord structure. The creating chords basics is complete beginner to intermediate guide on chords including chord characteristics, the 4 triad chords, chord spelling, chord inversions, chord pattern recognition, and more.

The additional lessons go into the intermediate to advanced areas of diatonic harmonic systems and understanding of chord progression methods. (Get all in the Music Chords Workshop)


Music Harmony Lesson

Although we are looking for a more complete harmony workshop, the lesson we have produced will provide you with a overview of the practical idea of harmony.  We’ll be looking for additional resources to recommend here.


Improvising for Real

Improvising for real takes a different approach to expanding your music abilities and doesn't actually require you to learn music theory at first. It is more about unleashing the creative side and listening and experimenting with sound. It is however, based in the reality of music theory.  This eBook and Jam Tracks gets our full recommendation for beginning or advanced studies and can provide a lifetime of learning direction.

For 2012, Music Theory Workshop is adding a bonus when you purchase it here. The basic rhythm lesson and practice set is included with the eBook only. We'll included “Secrets of 7ths” when you get the full package with Jam Tracks. (More than $65 in value for under $30.)


Lesson 5 Rhythm Basics

Lesson 5 Rhythm Basics


Lesson 15 Secrets of Sevenths

Lesson 15 Secrets of Sevenths

Music Lesson Resources

Be sure to check out Bob Reno’s Materials of Music Review for more advanced topics on music theory lessons. His college level book is fantastic on covering the music topics in short digestible increments of music knowledge.

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