Learning Music Theory Effectively

Music Notes Workshop

Here’s A Proven Way To Read Music Notes And Songs In Record Time Saving Hundreds Of Dollars.

Are you ready to cut the amount of time and effort needed to learn to read music notes and save the pain of a long drawn out learning cycle.

If you want to learn to read music notes and master them quickly, then you’ll be interested in the “Getting It Down Cold Notes Music Notes Workshop”.

The Getting It Down Cold Workshops Are Designed to:

Save weeks, months and years off traditional music lessons

And thus Save $100 of dollars

Increase your music skill in leaps and bounds

It will stop the frustration of the road blocks in learning because you haven’t properly learned the music principles

Experience more satisfaction from playing quicker

I Also Get This Great Bonus For Acting Right Now

The 40 page “Learn a Song – Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song” eBook. for free! Normally $7

100% Guaranteed!

If the Getting It Down Cold Music Notes Workshop doesn't show me exactly how notes are named and found on the keyboard. if it doesn't take me by the hand, step by step, show me how to learn the master staff quickly, or if it fails to help me understand and recognize note intervals, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

I understand that this workshop was being sold for “$27”. And the Learn a Song Report is $7.

But as a special introductory price, when you buy now, you get everything for only $17

Notes Workshop
The Notes Workshop is for the beginning student that needs to learn note symbols, piano keys, master staff, and note intervals. This is the complete note lesson series to understanding note pitch and reading music

or get both the Notes and Rhythm Workshops together

for an additional $6 off the discount price

Workshops: Notes & Rhythm Bundle
Workshops: Notes & Rhythm Bundle
Get both The Notes Workshop and Rhythm workshop together. Great Combination to learn to read notes and play rhtyhm together. With support files, Learn a Song, and the Notation Ebook.

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