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Music Chord Lessons

Music Chord Lessons involve learning about a few key areas of music structure.

To learn music chords is usually taught piece meal and disjointedly. Our philosophy of a music chord lesson is in learning the overall structure of the types of chords and then building on that foundation to expand your chord knowledge and skill.

Learning Music Chords Prerequisites

There are a couple of prerequisites to being able to master the lessons of chords. That is you must understand intervals as defined by either note steps or separation of notes. See music note interval lesson.

The second is in having at least a basic understanding of key signatures and scales for building the chord systems.

Creating Music Chords Basics

Chord-C-minor Treble Clef

Chord-C-minor Treble Clef

There are four triad music chords that are made up of a combination of half steps. The note spacing is defined by the intervals or half steps. It is the first step in understanding how chords are built. The basic chord triad is built with a combination of 3 or 4 note half steps or otherwise defined as minor or major third intervals.

Learning the chord triad combinations is essential to understanding the pattern of chord construction.

Once you’ve achieved basic building blocks you’ll need to learn how to work the inverted patterns. Each of these patterns has a recognizable combination.

We find that this is usually taught on an as you go basis. That sets up a learning system that tries to give you what you need now without ever giving you the full picture. It’s a wonder that music students struggle so much to learn these concepts.

Lesson-10-Creating-Chords-Basics provides the structure on how you can quickly learn the basics and apply them to your music skill set today.

Creating Chords Basics Mastery
The Creating Chords basics lessons covers the understanding of the basic chord structures in all keys. You'll learn how the basic triads are formed, how inversions are used and how pattern recognition can get you way beyond the reading of music and in the compostion and playing where you belong



C Major Diatonic Harmonic System

C Major Diatonic Harmonic System

Moving past the typical 3 note chord structure you will learn to put the system of chords together. These systems are based on an understanding of major scales or minor scales. Also these chords are related to how those scales are defined within a key signature.

By combining your knowledge of chord triads and scale systems you’ll become aware of the harmonic systems in both the major and minor key systems.

By knowing the chord systems you can understand how to easily and quickly analyze songs and learn them quicker. You’ll also have the base knowledge to begin composition.


Chord Harmonic Systems
Having achieved the chord basic strucutres you'll learn how major and minor diatonic harmonic systems are the real foundation of song structure. This lesson alone will give you a whole new prospective on learning and play tunes.


Chord Progression Lessons

When you learn the basic structures and systems of chords you will not need to go look for any specific power chord lessons, which refer to the use of major chords. What you will be able to do is understand Chord Progressions which are made up of moving through the chord harmonic systems.


ii7 - V7 - IM7 Progression

ii7 – V7 – IM7 Progression

Chord progressions are the flow of music. On the piano there are simple techniques to learn how to move through these chords by understanding individual note make up and shared chord notes.

Some refer to a piano chord lesson of progression, which is really about understanding how to use inversions to move through chords in closely. Chord guitar lessons use a progression method, in that they easily move from chord to chord, but fail to provide the student with understanding of how progressions work in context.

These concepts are also applicable to groups of instruments. Thus, a chord progressions lesson is useful to the band. Several monophonic instruments played together can make a chord. So your movement of individual notes by these players can achieve chord progressions. 

 Lesson-12-Creating-Chord-Progressions provides tips and techniques to help you play and understand the chord structures and use.

Chord Progressions
Chords go through progressions. Understanding how progressions work is what this short lessons is about. Knowing these structures and movements will enlighten you on playing and composing your own songs.


Sevenths Chords

Chord C7 treble clef

Chord C7 Treble Clef

One of the frustrations that many music students have is that of seventh chords. There are seven kinds of sevenths and all are built on the basic 4 triad chords. Our lesson on the Secrets of Sevenths brings all the knowledge together to make you a master of understanding sevenths.

The use of triads, inversions, the seventh interval, and harmonic systems are covered in an intense lesson in order for you to start mastering the concept and use of 7th chords.

Chords Secrets of Sevenths
Seventh chords seems to confound many music students. There are just a few secrets you need to know that will make these magical chords be at your comand and use.


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