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Music Scale Lessons

Need music scales lesson? Probably one of the biggest struggles that new music students have is the music scale lesson.

reading an Ab major Scale

Reading an Ab Major Scale

Music scales are often taught by reading notes from a score rather than learning the mathematical relationship that notes of a scale have. It’s this simple formula of half steps or intervals that make learning music scales easy.

Music Scale Lesson Plan?

Most music scale lesson plans are about teaching the white notes on a piano and saying this is the scale. Play it a few times. Now here is a sheet of scales you need to practice; read the notes and play the scales.

What is lacking in these music lessons is a coordinated effort to bring the principles of music scales together in a coherent fashion where you learn the type of music scales, the development of the scale, the relationship to other scales, the relationship to key signatures, and the use of scales in composition of music pieces.

What Scales For Music Lessons

The wrong question is what scales should be taught for a music scale lesson. The correct question is “how can I quickly and easily teach them in one music scale lesson?”

You see scales of different types are all related. Taking the holistic approach to teaching scales or learning scales is the best approach.

Learning the mechanics and breath of this music element quickly instead of piece meal can have a profound impact on your music journey.

You must of course, start with the basic major scale. And work it up for each and every key signature. From this initial effort you form a foundational base to build your musical scale knowledge.

Extending the Music Scale Lessons

Once you have that done, you need to explore the 3 types of minor scales and in doing so solidify the relationship of both the types of scales. These relationships are so closely tied that you need to see and hear them as well as work them out with physical actions of writing them and playing them.

In our scale workshop the major and minor scale patterns are created on a single sheet of paper where you can clearly see and use this scale theory page as a learning and reference tool.

For any serious music student the learning of both these scales is primary to playing most forms of music. However there are several other types of scales that can be created.

Other Music Scale Types

Our lessons incorporate other types of scales into the framework of learning to give the broadest exposure to music styles.

These scales are related to styles of jazz, blues, modes, and gospel. They all have a relationship to each other or to the major or minor scales you would have learned previously.

Scales Of Music – Lessons For All

If you are struggling with the musical scales, you would be well advised to put in a concentrated, well focused approach to learning them. Learning the base music principles behind scales will provide you with a great piece of knowledge to explore music in more depth.

Our keys and scales workshop or scale lessons are designed to help you accomplish this effort. Take stock of your needs and choose the workshop or individual lesson that will help you accelerate your music skills.

Key and Scale Workshop

The best overall lessons are the combined key signature and music scales workshop. Choose this if you want to get both of these music elements mastered together.

Keys and Scales Workshop
The key signature and music scales workshop takes you through learning all major and minor key signatures and scales in all keys. The scales lessons cover major and 3 minor scale types as well as over six other types of scale styles like blues and jazz.


Music Scale Lessons

The individual music scale lessons provide you with a way to fully concentrate on just one aspect of scales.

Scales Major and Minor
All students need to learn the fundamental major scales and the related minor scales. This lesson will show you how to mathmaticly create every major and the 3 minor scales in every key. You'll create your own theory sheets and never wonder again about these scales.
Scales Advanced
This lesson expands your knowledge and use of scales. Covering 6 more scales which will show provide you with options on playing different styles of music like blues and jazz.


Music Scale Fingers

Piano Fingerings always are a struggle at first, this workbook will make it easy for you to learn the proper fingers to use for every scale.

Scales Piano Fingerings
Many students struggle with learning the fingerings for the piano and keyboard. This workbook takes the guess work out of learning those fingerings. When you learn the secerts of how to work fingerings your practice sessions will become easier and easier.

Go here for more on the Key Signatures Lesson

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