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Music Theory Notes Lessons

Where to find “music theory notes” lessons? A simple question but, maybe it’s not such a simple answer.

The issue with finding music note lessons is considering exactly what you think you are trying to learn.

Could it be how to learn piano notes? That is, which key belongs to which note.

Could it be learning the symbols of notes? Just what do all those holes, filled in dots, stems, and flags mean anyway? Just how does the time value of notes create rhythm?

Could it be learn the notes on the master staff? That takes learning nearly 50 notes. It seems difficult, but it can be made easy.

Could it be learning note intervals? The spacing of notes and what it means to you as a musician.

So What Music Notes Lesson Do You Need?

It’s hard to know what you don’t know. So let’s examine what you need to learn as we discussed above.

There are several music notes lessons that you must know in order to truly be able to master music theory.

First you will want to learn the notes on an instrument. Most start with the piano notes even if you are playing some other instrument. That’s what we do in our courses and workshops.

Why Start With How to Learn the Piano Notes?

Well it’s because it’s one of the most visually easy instruments to represent note position which can be seen by looking at the music instruments. You don’t have to draw up any fancy diagram to immediately see patterns.

I’ll bet in your mind right now you can see groups of two and three black keys. And you see it repeated over and over again. That makes it easy for you to zero in on a specific key of the piano. In Lesson 1 – Piano Notes that’s all we focus on. It’s learning clearly and specifically how the key names and notes are related.

Piano Notes and Symbols Lesson
The beginners guide to notes and reading music. If you don't know anything - this is the place to start. You'll learn what all the pieces of the sheet music are all about.

If you needed to learn this yourself that will be easy, but you could just as easily turn around and teach your young child to do it as well.

Music Master Staff

In the music note lessons on the master staff you learn the tones or pitches with names and position quickly and easily. You’ll learn all about the position based on music theory clefs. This is one of the prime lessons needed to recognize and read music notes.

Master Staff Lesson
Learning the master staff is essential if you plan on playing a vast amount of music or playing with other musicians. This workshop approaches the masterstaff differenly than any other typical method used. By the time you are done you will be able to sight read the master staff in under 40 seconds.

Music Note Intervals Lesson

Music Note Intervals are the foundational lessons for easily understanding the other music elements like music key signatures, music scales, and music chords. Lessons 3 – Note Major Intervals and 4 – Note Minor Intervals cover this in detail. Once you get this down cold you’ll be amazed at how quickly you be able to understand the other music elements.

Major Intervals
Intervals are the basis for forming note pairs and the beginning establishment of chord structures. The is the first of two lessons in mastering the major intervals based on the major scale.
Minor Intervals
Minor intervals are the notes not assoicated with the major scale. Learning this segment which is often over looked by many teachers should not be taken lightly. This second lesson completes the intervals of a 12 tone scale. With this you form the basis for all chord structures to come.

Music Note Lessons in Time

Music Notes provide the basis for the time value of playing; this in general is called rhythm. In Lesson 5 – rhythm basics we cover the elements of how notes are presented to provide time and rhythm indications and how you can begin to master the fundamentals of music rhythm and music notes.

This includes the element of music theory rests and patterns.

Rhythm Basics Mastery
Once you know the music symbols the next thing to begin to master is rhythm. This lessons starts you off right. You'll start with the basic knowledge and know how to get you working rhythm independently from your instrument.
Rhythm Basic Patterns
Rhythm excersizes to get you working on the different parts and patterns found in your music. These basic sets will have you working on the right path in no time. Bonus intro included.

See more rhythm lessons at: Rhythm Lessons

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