Learning Music Theory Effectively

Learn a Song Quickly

I want to learn a song quickly or fast is often the cry of the music student and even amateur musicians.

The problem that most of these musicians and would be artists is the approach they take to learning a song. It isn't even necessarily their fault because of the way they are taught to learn songs.

Modern World Song Learning

Learning a Song Quickly

Learning a Song Quickly?

The old method of reading notes to learn a song is not conducive to learning quickly. If you want to learn a song fast you have to be able to analyze a song for various music element structures.

Therefore, Getting It Down Cold music theory workshops and lessons were created to provide learning music principals and methods to help the student in learning the critical elements of music and the educator in teaching music more effectively.

Developments in teaching music have allowed the modern world to teach music in a piece meal approach to music theory. Although it seems rational to teach the music theory as you need each piece, it slows down the process of learning.

We know that learning music is not easy for everyone and that it can even be overwhelming if you don't understand how all the different elements work. We determined that a comprehensive approach to accelerated learning of music theory needed to be addressed.

The objective of our Music Theory Course materials is to accelerate learning and allow the student to not only learn principals of applied music and master them far faster than would be expected in standard approach to learning.

Learn a Song Quickly eBook

The Learn a Song Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song short book was developed as an introduction and concise guide and procedure that can and should be used to study new music pieces.

The ebook takes you through a journey of the crucial steps you will need to follow in order for you to become fast at learning new music. It starts out with considerations in how to learn a song and what things you will need to know about motivation and  determination.

You'll next go into the first steps in preparing yourself and analyzing your music. After preparation you'll learn the procedure for actually putting into practice the steps and methods to learning that song quickly and how to put it all together.

The next part of the report talks about taking it to the next step with expressing your music and the various elements in consideration of expression.

Finally you will review the whole process and what it takes to be master a song and will be provided with a success chart and record so that you can truly learn a song quickly.

How to Get the Learn A Song eBook

The eBook is provided as a free bonus with the purchase of a course or workshop. You can view 7 basic principles by registering for our ezine here7 Crucial Steps to Learn a Song.

If you would like the full eBook but are not interested in a full workshop or course you can get it here:

Learn A Song Crucial Steps to Mastery
The learn a song book is a specific step by step method of using your music knowledge and theory to learn songs quickly and easily. This is the exact method used at the music learning workshop to learn and polish songs for performance. You'll learn about my struggle to learn music and the events that turned it around and why the music learning workshop was created.

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