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About Music Theory Workshop

This site is dedicated to providing sources of information and education on music theory and related music topics. It is a outlet for learning music and related music info.Specialty music theory courses, music theory workshops, and music theory lessons.

about music theory workshopThe Music Theory Workshop will also provide commentary related to music theory learning and other music learning insight.

It is also a resource for additional information or reviews of music courses, music workshops, and music lessons for the beginning musician as well as intermediate to advanced musicians.

The music theory workshop is a sister site to the Music Learning Workshop which is owned and operated by Brad Chidester of Chidester Enterprises LLC.

Music Theory Courses & Music Theory Workshops

The following is a list of our music theory course materials.

Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course

An equivalent of a full 4 to 8 year theory course designed to be completed in under a year.

Monthly Music Theory Course

The full course subscribed to for 12 months for a low monthly subscription fee.

Music Theory Workshops

Four workshops that make up the full music course broken into, Music Notes, Rhythm, Music Keys and Scales, Music Chords

Individual Music Theory Lessons

Targeted music lessons for each of the music principles you may want to focus on today.

Additional Music Learning Resources

Coming soon will be an additional resource section for other targeted learning materials.


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