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Music Theory Harmony Lessons

Understanding music theory harmony lessons is said to be easily understood without learning all the other music theory. It might just be true for the vocalist and those with a natural ear for music.

Melody and Harmony

Melody and Harmony

For the rest of us to learn harmony takes some understanding of the basic concepts of music. Music harmony takes on different meanings for different folks in music. For the vast majority of us, a general understanding of music theory harmony structure and how it is all related is enough to get us by.

If we are serious students of music then a more complete and intense study would be undertaken and books like “The Theory of Harmony” by Schaumberg would be in order. By probably on the lighter academic side and more for the home study student “Materials of Music” by Bob Reno would be a better choice.

Resolution of Harmony

Seventh Chord Resolution

Seventh Chord Resolution

It is a case of relationship and resolution that most of us need to understand. It isn’t how to learn harmony from an academic approach, but an understanding that there is a relationship between learning the harmonic associations and how they may resolve to other harmonic definitions.

In covering the chord lessons on harmonic systems, we describe actually building the system, but do not go into the why and how they are related to each other. That is you get a practical idea of what they are, but not how they are used in composition.


Modulation of 5hts

Modulation of 5hts

Modulation is the use of Chord Progressions that lead you to a new key or back to a root position by providing a flow or drive through your music.

Modulations in Every Key” is a good reference to see just how modulation works. However, I do find that you need a very good understanding of chord structure and the harmonic relationships for them to be a useful tool. 

Harmony – Resolution – Modulation Lesson

Given this subject is more advanced for the normal music student. The music harmony lesson we offer is designed as a stepping or familiarity lesson on harmony definitions and resolutions and modulations.

Lesson: Harmony, Resolution, and Modulation will provide you with a basic foundation for venturing deeper into this part of music theory covering harmony terminology and relationship, resolution, and modulation.

Harmony - Resolution - Modulation
This lesson is a high level look at harmony, resolution of chords, and modulation of chords to move to other keys. This lesson is designed to expand you into the advanced music areas. It will spark your imagination and provide you with some insight on how music flows.


More Advanced Study

For further study of intermediate to advanced concepts see our review and recommendation: Materials of Music.

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