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Finding the best music courses or the best music lessons
to fit your needs takes time and energy.
Let me help you out and reduce that effort as much as possible.

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Everyone that plays or wants to play music could probably find something that they can use to help them learn something new in music or take the next step.

As I developed the lesson materials for the Music Theory Workshop (a.k.a Music Learning Workshop – Getting It Down Cold ) I explored and continue to explore the various options for learning music.

Not everyone has the same needs or objectives when it comes to learning more about music. So in order help those interested in learning more music I've begun to compile a set of references and resources that I have found to be the best music courses or best music lessons that are available. You'll see many of them linked on the site sidebar, but I've often been asked:

“Which are the best music courses or lessons for my situation?”

So I'm listing the ones that I think will help you the most and giving you a short summary with where to get additional information if it seems appropriate to your needs. As I discover additional resources I'll update this page. Also be sure to get on the mailing list to stay up to date with new developments.

Best Music Courses for Straight Music Theory

1. Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course

Music Theory Course

Music Theory Course

OK, let's be upfront here, I'm biased and going to tell you that I believe the workshop's Music Theory Course we sell here at MTW is the most effective and efficient course to learn how to read music. Music is a language and needs to be treated like that. The various principals need to be understood and the details on how the rudiments of music are put together should be tackled head on.

The music lessons and course were developed because I felt there was not an adequate and practical approach to teaching music theory for the everyday music student that was effective and would truly stick with them. Most reference books made your eyes glaze over after reading a few pages. All you did was read the essence and did not get engaged in the actually learning process. Therefore, the Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Series was created.

This course is made up of 4 workshops Notes | Rhythm Mastery | Key Signatures & Scales | Creating Chords, each of which is available individually or in combination. The approach of these course materials is to start at a high level overview and work into the details. It's a method which engages all learning senses and is further explained in detail in the workshop music learning methods report.

Due to several requests I have recently broken the workshops into individual lessons for those that only want to get target focus on one element.

The short coming of this course is that it uses the keyboard as the primary reference instrument and relies on you to understand the basics of your instrument such as fingering and playing the specific notes. However, the music theory is valid for all instruments, singers, and songwriters.

The feedback on how the course augments those that are already taking lessons has been outstanding as the teachers seem to focus more on the mechanics of playing and not the elements of music itself.

2.  Materials of Music

Materials of Music

Materials of Music

Materials of Music is a college level course book developed by Robert Reno, and he's become an acquaintance of mine through because of some conversations we started up about publishing music course books digitally online and teaching music.

Bob and I shared the frustration with the current offerings and approaches to learning of music theory and Bob specifically created the Materials of Music for his teaching at the university. I've written and in-depth review of Materials of Music  and explain how Bob's text and approach works for more classroom setting as well as the home study.

Our methods are different as the MTW courses are heavy handed in their approach with in-depth application and learning the essential music elements; where as Materials of Music is more text and exercise based approach.

This course also goes into many other elements of music that are not covered in the Getting It Down Cold series. I place this as an excellent add on to the MTW course where you'll get to review the basics and then expand your horizons into the elements of composition and harmony. Read more about this being one of the best music courses here: Summary Materials of Music or

Materials of Music by Bob Reno
"Materials of Music" takes the student on a journey from the foundational principles to some remarkably sophisticated lessons including melodic principles, four-part harmonization, and modulation. All while keeping it clear and easy to follow. It is completely indexed PDF formatted file, with separate printable worksheets and mp3 audio files.

Best Improvisation Course

Improvising Music

Improvising Music

Improvise for Real by David Reed

Improvise for Real is one of the top music courses for learning to improvise. This is one of the most unique courses and value packed music course offerings on the market today.  Read my full Improvise for Real in-depth review to learn about the five mega lessons that will serve you for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment. Also David has made jam tracks to be used with the course to help speed along your process.

Go here:  Learn more about Improvising with Improvise for Real pick up your copy today if you want to start down that journey of creation of music on the fly, you won't be disappointed. In addition to adding on Jam Tracks Vol 1 and Vol 2, David has expanded his offering to the IFR Standards Workout 1 and introduced a Video Course for Guitar.

If you have any interest in being about to improvise you need to look into this one of a kind course.

Learning the Philosophy of Jazz

A subject of many authors and musicians is Jazz Piano. Each of them having their own spin on the philosophy of approach and what it means to them. A new ebook for under $5 which includes audio files has been developed by Dan Bennett giving his prospective and making it affordable to the masses. Go here to read my review which will give you an overview of what you can learn from his publication.

Best Base Guitar Courses

Teach Me Bass Guitar

Teach Me Bass Guitar

Teach Me Bass Guitar
One interest of mine is to be able to play bass guitar, and although I'm great at music theory and elements I have yet to sit down and work out playing the bass guitar. So I started looking for ways that I could get some home study in at my own pace and as I looked around I came across a couple of lesson and courses that I think out shine the others.  As I have yet started my path (looking to pick up a bass guitar to get started) these offering will be my first choices.

1. Teach Me Bass Guitar by Roy Vogt

I've written about Victor Wooten's book “The Music Lesson” and when I was exploring these course here's Victor giving a little praise to Roy on the website. So naturally I had to start digging in and see what this was all about.

The DVD course is extensive and covers technique as well as music knowledge. The first 7 areas covered relate to music theory (it's great to see the greats trying to make sure you're getting the basics) so that you have at least a foundation in learning to play.

After that you'll learn more about chords, but mostly about technique and styles. With the 24 topics you're paying less than $10 per lesson (try getting that directly from a teacher and even expect them to cover one lesson in one time slot!).

Needless to say I've picked this as the top home study bass guitar course for the beginner and advanced player. As I get going down this road I'll post some more information. Check it out here:

2. Bass Guitar with Jam Play

Jam Play has added a Bass Guitar course as well, it is a subscription type service so it's streamed and you don't actually own any DVD or other materials. At monthly payments you can see it works for you. Check it out here: Bass Guitar by JamPlay

Best Guitar Courses

This has got to be one of the hardest areas in the world to determine best music courses for learning guitar. There are so many beginner and specific style courses I don't know if you can find one that's specific. So I'm going to try and give ones that I've had an association with or have found enough information that they are worthy of your consideration.

1. JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons

This is one of the most comprehensive guitar lessons series in video I've seen to expand your skill set for guitar. HD quality video and some really specific instruction on various popular songs and techniques. Here is an example.

Check out JamPlay today

Stay tuned

That's all I've got for now as for as the best music courses to help fit your situation, but bookmark us and check back as we update this page from time to time.

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