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Music Chords Workshop

Here’s a proven100% guaranteed way to learn music chords so you can play, learn, compose, and improvise songs.

Yes, I’m ready to master music chords and increase my success as a musician, master song structure, learn songs in less than half the time and become a better musician in playing, and composing songs.

Learning chords in music is like learning words.

Chord changes drive the music forward and provide a base for the musicians and singers to apply their trade.

Some teaching techniques try to teach chords in a “note by note” approach. This method doesn't provide an adequate framework to learn how to play or create music. You can only copy what someone else has created, without understanding the music.

As a prerequisite you should be learning scales, as they are one of the most important things you can do when studying chords. It is the scale that allows the creation of chords and the structure in which they can be applied.

Using chords allows you to learn the flow and to analyze a song so that you can play it with less effort and learn it at a faster pace.

If you want to learn songs faster or compose songs, then you’ll be interested in the “Getting It Down Cold Creating Chords Workshop”.

Where you’ll learn the principles of how chords are built and how to use them in learning and playing songs.

The Getting It Down Cold Keys and Scales Workshop is Designed to:

  1. Stop reading note by note and learn chord structures to improve your playing
  2. Have you master chords to improve performance and skills as a musician
  3. Save weeks, months and years over traditional methods of learning chords
  4. Understand chord use making it easier to analyze songs structure
  5. Dramatically slash the amount of time and effort need to learn new songs
  6. Set the foundations for arranging, improvisation and composition
  7. Increase your ability to analyze and compose songs

I Understand That When I Act Now I get Instant Access to

Creating Chords Workshop

Creating Chords Workshop

The Getting It Down Cold Creating Chords Workshop, including:

  1. Learn the basic development and structure of chords.
  2. Chord characteristics
  3. Math structures
  4. Chord spellings
  5. Comparison of chord types
  6. Chord inversions
  7. Pattern and mind maps
  8. Arpeggios or connecting of chords
  9. Chord inversions
  10. Learning chord harmonic systems
  11. Learning how chord progressions take place within a defined harmonic framework
  12. Learning the major and minor harmonic systems
  13. Basic chord progressions with in harmonic systems
  14. Learn how to use close chord progressions with the use of inversions.
  15. Tabulated workshop requirements to check your work and verify you have completed the assignments correctly.

This is a Complete 3 Part Workshop for learning about and creating Chords; over 95 pages of detailed instruction and graphics to getting these music elements down cold.

I Also Get This Great Bonuses For Acting Right Now

The 40 page “Learn a Song – Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song” ebook.Normally $7 and our “Secrets to Sevenths” ebook, Normally $12. For free!

100% Guaranteed!

If the Getting It Down Cold Creating Chords Workshop doesn't show me exactly how to build, learn, group and compare chords, if it doesn't take me by the hand, step by step, show me how to learn all the major and minor chords, or if it fails to help me understand and learn chord harmonic systems and basic progressions, then I understand that I will receive a full refund ,No Questions Asked!!

Crucial Steps to Learn A Song Quickly

Crucial Steps to Learn A Song Quickly

Lesson 16 Harmony Resolution, and Modulation

Harmony Resolution, and Modulation

I understand that this workshop was being sold for “$37”. The Learn a Song Report is $7 and the harmony, resolution, and modulation lesson is $9.

Total Value ($53)

But as a Special introductory offer, when you buy now,

you get everything for only $27 USD

Chords Workshop
The Creating Chords Workshop covers all basic lessons in understanding chord structures in all keys. In addition it covers all chord lessons including harmonic systems and chord progressions. As well it includes the secrets of sevenths lesson.


Bundle with the Secret of 7ths Lesson($12) for additional discount.

Lesson 15 Secrets of Sevenths

Secrets of Sevenths

Total Value ($65) and the

normal bundled discount is $44

For this bundled offer,

when you buy now,

you get everything for

only $32 USD

Workshops: Chords and Sevenths Bundle
Workshops: Chords and Sevenths Bundle
Get both the Chords workshop together with the Secrets of Sevenths. Also including the Learn a Song, and the Notation Ebooks.


or get both

the Keys/Scales and Chords Workshops and Bonuses together

with additional bonuses worth more than $30

Workshops: Keys-Scales & Chords Bundle
Workshops: Keys-Scales & Chords Bundle
Get both the Key Signature - Music Scales workshop and the Chords workshop together with two added bonuses of the Piano Scale Fingerings and the Secrets of Sevenths. Best intermediate combination for getting all the keys, scales and chords down cold. With Learn a Song, and the Notation Ebook.

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