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Easiest Way to Learn Music Theory

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“What is the easiest way to learn music?” Or more directly, “How do I learn music theory easily?” is often asked by folks just beginning to learn music or at least thinking about it.

And it’s a wonder because learning music can be either a chore or an exciting journey. Understanding an approach to teaching music or learning it could make a difference in your experience.

Poor Music Teaching Methods

Learning Music Theory Poorly

Learning Music Theory Poorly

Many music students struggle with what is perceived to be a difficult task. The reality is that the methods of teaching music theory are at fault.

Many teachers and the methods used take a note by note approach to music instruction. Music theory is just a part that is dribbled in to the student as they go along.

As a matter of fact a vast majority of teachers focus on technique because that is where they believe the real reward of playing comes from. Music rules and principles simply take a back seat.

Many times the student is asked to engage on a song to play the notes and as then the music rule is taught only as an afterthought.

The problem with this approach is it can leave you disjointed and unable to tie these points of music elements together.

Alternative Music Learning Methods

Wouldn’t it be better if you could quickly learn the structure of music in one quarter the time it normally takes with less than half the aggravation?

That approach needs to get you into the principals quickly, easily, succinctly, and at an accelerated pace so that you can learn what you need before you need it.

What will happen is that you will run into a music concept such as a chord and since you have already studied it you know what it is and how to deal with it.

What Would This Approach To Learn Music Theory Be?

The methodology behind this type of an approach would be a music theory workshop where you concentrate on learning the language first then applying it to your playing.

These workshop lessons would be based on proven teaching and learning methods that provide the straight forward, step by step, easy, full sensory engagement, and accelerated approaches needed to get the musician on track to a much more rewarding music journey.

The Music Theory Workshop offers a course, workshops and individual lessons developed by the Music Learning Workshop which employ just these ideals. These instruction sources provide you with the music language skills you need to learn songs faster, play music easier, and communicate your creations with others.

One of our students put it this way:

“How do you bake a cake, when you don’t even know what the ingredients are?”

It’s this concept that we think makes learning music a much more enjoyable venture than spending years plodding along trying to make sense out of the piecemeal approach.

Get free access here to our: 7 crucial step approach to learning a song quickly.

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