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Miscellanous Resources

The following are miscellaneous resources for our visitors benefit. We link to some affiliated sites because they are good quality materials that we believe are worthy of your consideration, also we get a commission on anything you should decide to purchase and it supports our efforts in running and maintaining this site.

File Management

Dropbox Personal File Sharing 2GB Free and low monthly costs for greater storage. It is a cloud based personal file management service which allows you to have your files located on several computers or tablets. It's a great place to load up active files you are working on and have them available on your home, work, and ipad or tablet. You can even create shared files with others. I've done this with my business partners and find it a create way to quickly share files we each need to use.  This has become one of our most valuable assets.

Password Storage

RoboForm Password Vault is one of the best for storing your passwords to any website. Although auto fill does not always work due to the ever changing form tweaks, you can easily store a password and use the editor functions to quickly retrieve it. That means only needing to remember one important password. There are options for typical logins, bookmarks, applications, creating identities with card and banking information, contacts, and safenotes when nothing else seems to fit or work.

With the new everywhere access you can load it up on your personal computer, your work computer, ipad or tablet, your smart phone and access via the cloud for one price. This has been the most indispensable piece of software add-ons we use for personal and business management.

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