Learning Music Theory Effectively

Why a Music Theory Course

Why Consider a Music Theory Course?

Learning Music Theory is about learning a new language to be able to talk with other musicians successfully;  you will need to learn this language extremely well. The problem is that most approaches to teaching music theory are anything but an essential music theory course. So what to use?

Why Music Theory Course

Why Music Theory Course

A significant amount of teaching music is focused on your instrument and the music elements are brought in one at a time, disconnected, just in time, and not thoroughly explored.

Taking a direct approach to learning music theory quickly and complete can and does accelerate your music learning experience.

What Beginner Music Theory Course Should I Use?

The Getting It Down Cold music series is a workshop method and course that takes you from no knowledge through advanced concepts.

It may start out with basics laying a foundation that builds quickly to an Intermediate Music Theory Course. You won’t be a beginner for long with this workshop method.

The course is in an electronic format and is one of the only complete teaching workshop methods for an online music theory course. Although you access the materials online you download them to your computer that can be read with any PDF reader.

The files are completely indexed and broken down into manageable tasks. The music elements covered are done in easy to read segments and provided with many graphics to make learning a much easier process.

Currently, we are working on making printable versions available, but due to the need to maintain the quality of the workshop method cost have been unreasonable. When they do become available you see it in the order area.

The lesson plan is a complete music theory course for the practical musician. Home schooling parents can also use this material for teaching a music curriculum. There are 24 lessons and some lessons can take several sessions to complete with learning the principal then applying the homework style methods of creating your own music theory book.

How the Music Theory Course Works

What is music theory class and lesson like? This isn’t just a theory of music workbook, but it covers the fundamentals through proven methods of learning engagement.

You can learn more about the methods here: Music Theory Workshop Learning Methods.

Each lesson uses a method to connect the three sensors of Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory to give the best results for learning.

We combine the physical (writing and forming with the hands), the visual (reading with graphics and use of the staff and patterns), and the auditory (hearing by playing the parts on your instrument or a keyboard, or tapping with your hands, as well as speaking the principals) to help you visualize and feel the rhythm as you practice the scales.

Learning the essential music theory technique is based on setting goals and targets to accomplish those goals. We implement the following method to “get it down cold”:

  1. Know your goal
  2. Define targets to get to that goal
  3. Keep your goal in sight
  4. Provide a direct path to that goal
  5. Don't give up until you achieve your goal

With this, you have a clear vision of where you’re going and a direct path to get there. All you have to do is to apply focused attention and energy on a consistent basis and you will achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Next Steps

Music Theory Course

Music Theory Course

We believe this is the best music theory course for the home study musician as well as for music teachers that struggle to properly teach theory.

When you get  the Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course it will show you exactly how to read notes, learn and improve rhythm skills, master the keys and scales, provide expert knowledge of chords and systems, and if it doesn't take you by the hand, step by step, show you how to learn these music principals, or if it fails to help you understand and learn songs faster, then within 60 days you can receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Get your course today and move your music journey forward with a focused intent on getting the music principles down cold.

Full Beginners Music Theory Course
The full beginner to intermediate music theory course, covers notes, rhythm, key signatures, scales, chords. This is the all inclusive workshop and bonus package. Designed to get you 4 plus years of music theory study in under one year.


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