Learning Music Theory Effectively

Why Learn Music Theory

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Learning music theory is twofold reward.

Structure of Music

Why Music Theory
First you learn structure of music by reading notes, figuring out rhythm, developing skills with key signatures and scales, and creating chords. Which is called music theory, but really is only a set of rules and a new language as math was for you at one time.

Music is a language, notes are letters, chords or words, combination of notes and chords are phrases, and phrases make a song or a paragraph.

Acquiring this fundamental skill set allows you to get past the slow slide to boredom and frustration. Having the knowledge to understand what you are studying or reading in music is essential to the progress you will make.

It’s the lack of sufficient progress that is the discouragement of learning music and more importantly being able to play well. Playing well requires technique, but when you are focused on trying to figure a note or chord, your technique will suffer.

Immersing yourself into the structure of music will allow for accelerated progress.

Tools to Create Music

Second is in having a music theory base that allows you to experiment through knowledge, play through a language rather than reading, and create through understanding.

When you are trying to learn a major or even minor piece of music, if you have the knowledge of music theory, you can reduce the amount of time needed to learn those songs.

This process is simply a series of small steps that allows you to investigate a piece of music first before jumping in and just trying to play it.

Knowing what key, chords, and scales runs are used allows you to focus bigger in the picture. Thus is you know a chord sequence or a partial scale series of notes you get to focus on the expression and technique rather than the note by note playing.

Your creation skills in playing and arranging become increasingly easier. Given a certain chord you may expand your knowledge to invert the chord, modify the notes using the known scale and create your own hip sound.

What If You Don’t Learn Music Theory

Some people have natural talent or even an ability to learn through auditory means. A vast majority of us however, need more than that, we’re visually, or physical and need a known structure to be able to work within this new language.

This is why you need to learn music theory. It provides the structure for you to build you cake. It gives you ingredients you need and instructions on blending it together. It also gives you and other the ability to communicate your musical ideas.

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