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Learn Music Theory Online?

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When you try to learn music theory online directly, you have a tendency to not follow a structured lesson plan.

learning music theory online

Learning Music Theory Online?

Although there are many music theory online sources for reading up on a specific principle of music the issue is that there is no cohesive approach to learning the language of music with these sites.

In other words they don’t provide you with anything better than a reference like many of the hard cover books that are available.

Many of the music theory online approaches are the symbolic approach. Where you can find what all the clef signs look like or what the note symbols are and basic definitions. Places like Wikipedia on Music Theory give some very detailed explanations.

What is lacking is a connection of the parts so that you learn step by step the alphabet and then combinations of letters and the words and phrases of music.

A Reasonable Online Music Theory Source

One source is the Music Learning Workshop which has a good section on learning basic music theory elements.

The section are broken up in a way you can follow through and learn the basic principles of the music elements and the page links flow from one concept to the next.

This makes for both a great way to learn the principles of music as well as a good reference for a reminder on how to approach some music theory concept.

But even this doesn’t go far enough to truly being able to master music theory. Most students whether mentored or self-taught need a more structured approach to being able to get these music rudiments down cold.

A Better Structured Approach than Scattered Music Theory Online

Learning the music concept and how to put together a chord or scale is only the first step in really becoming a good musician.

You have to put that knowledge to use in analyzing songs. If you only know the principle you’ll be taking a long time to work out the key signature, the chords, the harmonic system, and the various other aspects of playing because you will not have gone through a complete development of the music language.

That is why we developed and provide a downloadable course with a plan and specific way to learn the necessary music knowledge needed to make you a better musician.

The course, workshops, or individual music lessons offered at the Music Theory Workshop are based on learning methods that provide a step by step, straight forward approach, easy digested sequence, and uses accelerated learning methods needed to get the musician on track to a significantly more rewarding music journey.

Here’s how to get started today: Music Theory Course and Workshops | Music Theory Lessons

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