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The Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Courses and Workshops from the Music Learning Workshop are based on a workshop methodology.

These summaries provide an overview of the Music Theory instruction options.

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The Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Workshops are designed to:

  1. Save weeks, months and years over traditional methods of learning chords
  2. Dramatically slash the amount of time and effort need to learn new songs
  3. Set the foundations for arranging, improvisation and composition
  4. Increase your ability to analyze and compose songs

Summary – Music Theory Courses, Workshops, and Lessons

Music Theory Course

Here's a proven100% guaranteed way to learn music theory for the beginner through intermediate student so you can play, learn, compose, and improvise songs with knowledge.

Music Theory Course

Music Theory Course

Are you ready to master music theory and reduce years of study to become a musician? Get ready to find out how to learn songs in less than a fraction of the time. Become better at playing, and composing songs.

If you want to learn songs faster or compose songs, then you’ll be interested in the “Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course”. You’ll learn the fundamental music principles from notes to chords and how to use them in learning, playing and composing songs.

The Music Theory Course includes all four workshops of Notes, Rhythm, Keys & Scales, and Chords. Additional bonuses are also included.

This is a Complete 4 Part Music Course for learning over 4 years of normal music theory with a lesson plan to do it in less than 12 months. Each workshop has many easy to read detailed instruction and graphics to getting these music elements down cold.

Learn about the: Music Theory Course or Monthly Music Course

Music Theory Workshops

Notes Workshop

Notes Workshop


The Music Notes Workshop where you will learn:

The notes are on a keyboard so you can start learning how to read music meaning you won’t be wondering where to play notes.

How to reading notes on the master staff in less than 30 minutes and master them in less than one month. So you won’t be stuck trying to figure out notes in a song, speeding up your ability to play and learn song passages.

The Note intervals so you can start reading note patterns increasing your speed of sight reading and playing.

Learn about the: Music Notes & Relationships Workshop

The Rhythm Workshop where you will learn:

Rhythm Workshop

Rhythm Workshop

Notes and symbols time values and durations so you can easily figure out any songs rhythm pattern.

Learn a three step process for learning basic rhythm continuum.

You can learn any pattern and master this important skill with focused attention to rhythm.

Over 30 rhythm pattern sets for learning and practicing rhythm skills

Learn about the: Music Rhythm Workshop


The Key Signature and Scales Workshop where you will learn:

Key Signature and Scales Workshop

Key Signature and Scales Workshop

All the major and minor key signatures by creating your own chart, which will allows you to fully understand how the music structure is shaped so you will know exactly what to expect when learning new songs in new keys.

Learn and understand scale fundamentals, relationships, and methods of use so can quickly analyze and learn songs fast.

Learn over 10 scale types and how to create them in any key. So you can improvise and create your own compositions.

Learn about the: Key Signature and Scales Workshop


The Creating Chords Workshop where you will learn

Creating Chords Workshop

Creating Chords Workshop

Learn how to create four types of chords in all keys signatures so you can start playing music rather than just reading it.

Learn how chords build harmonic systems setting the basis for all song composition and fast learning.

Learn chord progression techniques so understand song flow and composition.

Learn about the: Music Chords Workshop

Music Theory Lessons

Lesson 6 Rhythm Basics Sets

Individual Lessons

If you’re looking specifically for certain music theory lessons

We have a series of targeted music lessons for those that have a need to quickly focus on one area. These are the same lessons you would get with the full course, but allow you quickly focus in on one specific area that you want to study.

Check out the availability here: Music Theory Lessons


Other Music Study

Additionally you'll find a number of other music study guides and books we promote:

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